Older men are needed to save the Human Race!

Evolutionary fossil evidence is strong, but scientists are always finding new evidence to add to the mountain of data supporting evolution as the main force behind life on earth. Science allows itself to morph and be tested. That is a good thing!

One of the big pieces of the evolution puzzle are fossils showing intermediate steps in the evolutionary transition from fish to animals that walked on land. Sciencedaily.com is reporting a great fossil find showing that animals did transition from water to land. But, we all knew that anyway 😉 . I saw it on the Simpsons once…

[From Details Of Evolutionary Transition From Fish To Land Animals Revealed]

Here is another time line showing evolution of Zombie John McCain that I posted the other day! What a hoot!


If you are a (preferably) single older man, then this next story is for you! Apparently you are needed to save our species. As we age, we have more mutations in our reproductive cells, and if that mutation happens to help, you need to pass it on. So, in short, old guy, go out and procreate with a younger woman! We will thank you for it many generations from now…

[From Leading geneticist Steve Jones says human evolution is over – Times Online ]


How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?

Over at friendlyatheist.com, Hemant Mehta asks the question, “How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?” He references a blog that talks about how to make your child a free thinker.

Where one needs to draw the line is taking your child to a day care/preschool held in a church. Children are very impressionable at that young age, and don’t understand how many things in the world work. If the answer given to them is simplistic, like “god made it”, it is easy to understand, but is simply wrong. You may end up raising a Christian if you are not careful!

Keep your children away from churches at all costs! It is brainwashing, simply put. My old day-care provider tried to brainwash my kid as well, and I got rid of her right away(click here for the story). Once you are an adult, fill you boots, but keep kids out of church.

[From Friendly Atheist » How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?]

What I propose? Expose your kids to science, and help them learn about critical thinking. If later on the kid becomes religious, then at least you have given them the ability to question others! Let them draw their own conclusions from their experiences. Don’t force religion down their throat.

I love learning and even better, getting that information free online. With the advent of iTunes U, you can go out and learn from some of the best schools on the planet! Even great courses on Evolution!

[From Apple – Education – iTunes U – Overview]

There are plenty of courses being shared via P2P as well. Here is a link to 58+ e-books you can download for free. There are some fantastic novels there!

[Go to– Free eBooks – All Our Classic Books and Novels]

If you don’t give kids an education, then one day they may end up working for CNN and posting the following fact…


Nader states that Obama may become a War Criminal

Here is an interview with Ralph Nader on the state of the world. It is a good video! He says that unless Obama severely severs his ties with the Bush war crimes regime, he will go down with them…

All life on the planet is evolving as we speak, but scientists have witnessed a more exciting evolutionary phenominon, of a species of fish in Africa splitting into 2 species.

[From Scientists Discover Fish in Act of Evolution in Africa’s Greatest Lake : EcoWorldly]

Right after saying that, here is a scientist that says that humans have stopped evolving. The guy is smarter than me, but I simply don’t believe it!

[From Evolution stops here: Future Man will look the same, says scientist | Mail Online]

What Scientists believe about the origins of Life

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I am reposting a good video about science and evolution I posted last August. Hope you enjoy!

Breaking down an Evolution textbook made by the ID movement

If I have one fear about my kid going through school, it is that the Christian right will have successfully mislead the public to allow creationism into the Science classroom.

800px-textbookIt is happening in the States, and has some steam. With our crazy right wing leaders Harper, and in BC Gordon Campbell, it seems more likely than I can remember. Let’s hope it stays in the USA.

Arstechnica goes over one of these “textbooks” to see what all the fuss is about, and talks all about the politics of getting God back into the classroom in a sly(read sleezy) fashion.

Evolution has been singled out for special ire by Discovery, as it provides an explanation for the origin of humanity based solely on natural processes. Although the ID movement has not developed a research program or even proposed a scientific formulation of its ideas, it has gotten a surprising amount of traction with its attack on the science of evolution. Tapping into a rich vein of American thought that dates back roughly a century, the group’s members have used popular books and appearances in the press to argue that the scientific theory of evolution is on the verge of abandonment, having been pushed to its most recent “inevitable” collapse by new molecular evidence.

[From A biologist reviews an evolution textbook from the ID camp: Page 1 ]

As my readers know, evolution is going to continue on whether we like it or not! So, here is an article about the evolution of whales. It is fascinating that they are mammals that returned to the ocean. That is so cool!

[From It’s All In The Hips: Early Whales Used Well Developed Back Legs For Swimming, Fossils Show]080917210028-large

To finish off, here is a link to the most popular game on the Internet!!!!The Flying Spaghetti Monster Game…Though I had linked to it long ago, it deserves a fresh introduction!

Did evolution come before life? – New Scientist

The main characteristic of life on our planet is that evolution created all the building blocks of life as we know it today. It is the corner stone of biology. Just like the chicken and egg question, scientists have asked, what came first, life or evolution? Here is an interesting article on some mathematics around this very question!


Did evolution come before life? – life – 15 September 2008 – New Scientist]

This question is not a new one. In fact 32 years ago Richard Dawkins wrote his book “The Selfish Gene“, he talked about selection on genes and how they played a major roll in life on our planet. He also talks about replicators(earlier versions of RNA/DNA).

When did life start on the planet? What kind of organism was it? Was it single celled? 239px-dna_overviewThe answers to these questions are not as important as replicating. Dawkins states that the ability to replicate, and reproduce was the start of natural selection in the primordial soup. It is more important to understand that, than argue about a definitive moment that we would consider life starting, as that could be debated ad nauseam. If you think about it, with various chemicals and amino acids forming chains with existing finite resources, a replicator that could reproduce a copy of itself had a huge advantage.
It effectively never died, as it passed on the code to successfully reproduce itself from the resources.

So essentially our definition of life starting should be when one of these chains was successfully able to replicate due to some mutation. Not so glamourous…I do recommend you pick up a copy of The Selfish Gene though. You can find it online as a free e-book. It stands the test of time.

I have an evolution based comic from cectic.com for you! Enjoy!


Church of England To Apologize For Dissing Darwin

Only 150 years too late, the Church of England is going to officially apologize to Charles Darwin for creating doubt and misinformation on his famous theory. In the USA, the battle against evolution is raging like it was 150 years ago in England. Good to see that the USA is going backwards due to their radical religious organizations.

It is also too bad that the leading candidates for the Republicans are carrying on the tradition of George W Bush,charles_darwin_aged_51 and pushing for creationism in the science classroom.

[From » Church of England To Apologize For Dissing Darwin Dvorak Uncensored:]

I am worried that if our scary prime minister Stephen Harper gets a majority government in the upcoming election, we may be heading in the same direction. Assuming that he keeps mimicking the Bush regime like he has been for the last couple of years…

I might as well put my opinion forward now about our upcoming election. Please do not vote for the Conservatives!!!!Harper is a war monger, is pro-big business, has a horrible environmental record, and is trying to push a terrible digital copyright bill that does nothing for the consumer. Harper will set up Canada to be a real target for our upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately the Liberals have put forth a flip flop leader that has no leadership qualities. I just hope for another minority government, so the Liberals can get their shit together and knock Harper out of power.

It is a pretty bad right wing political environment in Canada when I hope for a Liberal government!

While I’m at it, if you are American, please do not vote Republican!!Need I say more?