Science and your children

Sorry for taking a couple of days off! I realized that I haven’t posted since the weekend! I have had a couple of small computer things this week, and I have been playing a lot with the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS. It rocks! I have it installed under Parallels on my Macbook and it is a very mature OS. I have said in the past that if you have a Windoze box, go check out Ubuntu to “completely” replace Windows. It really is that good!

On to more of the topics at hand. The pope has said in the past that the Roman Catholic Church is OK with evolution. A university biologist says that evolution and belief in God can go hand in hand. Though I personally don’t agree that a God started it all, at least the article is an attack on Intelligent Design, and the fucking craziness going on in the educational system in the USA.

Francisco J. Ayala – Evolution – Scientists Who Believe in God – – New York Times:

If you have any kids or have been in their presence for a period of time, you may have noticed their intense nature, and curious minds. My child is always trying out experiments. Kids are naturally scientific. If you can do one good thing for your child, don’t take them to brain washing on Sunday at the local church, but expose them to the natural world! They will thank you for it later. Here is an article on the importance of getting kids to dig science!

Comment: We need a Nobel prize for kids – opinion – 29 April 2008 – New Scientist:

Seeing that I am talking about science & how important it is, here is a well written article on the 10 most important science experiments! A good read…

Top ten greatest experiments – Telegraph:

Over at Obscure store, we see that people have decided to pray for lower gas prices! Good luck with that. Idiots.

Obscure Store and Reading Room: Pray-in participants ask God to for cheaper gas prices:

As per normal, I try to add some content from I love the latest. A bit of a play on Mac vs. PC…


And lastly, here is a nice comic summarizing the war on terror…



You Walk Funny!

I have always wondered why shoes have been used instead of our bare feet. Now, I live in a pretty cold place for parts of the year, but for warmer climates, shoes seem to just cause sweaty, stinky feet. I may be onto something…Read on…[From You Walk Wrong]

Astrology is a a farce if you haven’t already figured that out!! An actual study was done to see if babies born at the same time of a month shared similar traits as claimed by astrologers. Conclusion?Astrology is no more than a guessing game… Are you shocked? Not me. Astrology is a farce!!!

Did you know that no more than 70,000 years ago, humans almost went extinct from drought? Either did I! Humans almost went extinct. That would have sucked!


The Darwin Papers

It wouldn’t be an atheist site without me pointing out the release of Charles Darwin’s private papers. It is an extensive collection of his research, photos, and letters. Check it out!

[From Darwin Online: Browse Darwin’s Papers]

Here is a link to “Friendly Atheist“, that talks about the Idiotic book that seems to state that Evolution is a fairy tale! Ya, right. One that has been extensively tested and retested. The first fairy tale I have ever heard of that has been tested to be true…

[From Friendly Atheist » Evolution is a Fairy Tale for Grownups, says Man Who Believes in Crocoduck]

A perfect time to link to a web site that rebutts 24 myths and misconceptions about Natural Selection and Evolution. It is a good read, and a well written account of many of the details of evolution.

[From Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions – life – 16 April 2008 – New Scientist]

Aliens prefer Firefox

I have had a busy weekend, and will work on more content over the next day or so. In the meantime, here is a photo “proving” that aliens use Firefox as their default web browser…


One other photo that I find quite fascinating…It is called the tree of life. It really breaks down the complexity of the life on the planet, and it has pretty colours. Can you ask for anything more???Click the photo for the full version..


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Evolution is a theory, and that is just fine

One of the attacks against Darwin’s evolution, is that it is “just a theory”. Religious groups use the term regularly to down play its importance, and create doubt that it has not been tested. Theories have been repeatedly tested… For most that have taken science classes in the past, you would say when an idea is put forth without being able to be retested just yet, that is a hypothesis. Here is an article on the differences between Hypothesis, Theory, and Law. It turns out that the term law has been replaced with the term theory. Well now computers can drive the evolution of biological enzymes without human imput. Known as the “evolution-machine” or the “Darwin chip”, it may just be the future in the classroom.

[From Science Centric | News | Evolution on the table top] & also well explained at


Evolution is evolving

Religious groups that oppose Darwin’s evolution, seem to think that because scientists debate 800px-prokaryote_cell_diagramsvgthe components of the theory, that it must not be correct. What they don’t realize is that scientists ALWAYS debate, test, and question the nature world. That is the basis of the scientific method. The base argument of evolution is very sound, and can be re-created over and over again in the lab. Some of the finer points are still being fleshed out, and change over time. Here is a nice article over on Wired about evolution in the microbial world. Here is a snippet of the story.

Microbes make up much of Earth’s biomass, and they also cast into relief the shortcomings of neo-Darwinian evolution. A bucket of seawater can contain 60,000 bacterial species, and to Woese, these must be seen as a collective rather than as disparate units.

Biologists take evolution beyond Darwin

You have probably heard of the “great” benefits of drinking water. 8 glasses of water a day, they say. It is simply not true that it does you any good, or should I say there is no conclusive evidence that drinking extra water makes you healthier. Everything in moderation my friend… I try and replace 6 of those glasses of water with beer, because we all know that wheat and barley are the staples of life…
8 glasses of water a day may not keep the doctor away!

Windows Vista has been such a fabulous flop, that Microsoft’s Bill Gates is getting excited about the release of Windows 7 next year! Along with that announcement comes the news that you can still buy Windows XP and Microsoft is going to extend its life span for 2 more years. Vista may just end up being this far off memory…
Windows 7 coming soon to a theatre near you?

And lastly, if you are on a Mac, and want to feel even more part of a community, then download this application and join up!!!
A social networking service built exclusively for Mac users!

Evolution still works as life gets more complex

As life gets more complex on our planet, scientists are wondering if natural selection still works on these complex life forms. What great news for the science community, and a blow to the Intelligent Design wackos.

Evolution Gets a Boost: No Cost for Complexity | Wired Science from
If you have been thinking of making an atomic bomb/ atomic reactor in your spare time, castle_romeo2you may want to make sure you aren’t using someone’s patents, and breaking any patent law. Then again, you aren’t allowed to see the patents, so until “The Man” comes knocking on your door, I say keep up the hard work…Good luck!

Slashdot | The Rush to Patent the Atomic Bomb: “”

That brings me to the last topic of the day. Corporations. Many people feel that corporations are inherently bad, and are doing the planet harm, not only from an environmental perspective, but companies are bad for humans. Go rent the movie, “The Corporation”, for a look into the “sociopath”. Ralph Nader in the USA is stepping up to the plate and saying that we are living in a time of “corporate fascism”. I think that he makes a good point, but it has been going on for a very long time. Sometimes companies operate in other countries so as to get away with lots of evil Shit…And if you are lucky, they are doing it right at home! Check out this article over at…

Ralph Nader on Corporate Fascism