Evolution on other planets

People have been looking to the skies for, well as long as eyes and humans have been around…alienigenaWe have also been wondering whether life exists on other planets. Other than the alien abduction theories out there(oh, brother…), scientists are trying to come up with sensible theories as to what creatures look like on far away worlds.

Sky Whales & Pagoda Forests -Is Evolution Possible on Planets Beyond Our Solar System? | The Daily Galaxy: News from Planet Earth & Beyond:

On a similar vein, but on our planet, evolutionary biologists are suggesting that over time evolution is making organisms on earth more complex. Kind of makes sense to me…Not to be confused however with creatures of greater complexity being ‘better’. Because we all know that bugs and bacteria rule the world…;)

Science Centric | News | Evolution drives animals to become increasingly more complex:

One of my favourite novels was George Orwell’s 1984. It is a scary look to the future that over time has become more and more accurate. Here are the “Top 10 Most Depressing Quotes”

Top Ten – Top 10 Most Depressing Quotes from Orwell’s 1984 – Top 10 – Big Brother – Thought Police: “”

Wired is asking a tough question. Should an Astronomer be allowed to date an Astrologer? IMHO, I think that if the sex is good, and it doesn’t effect his or her work, then go for it! Most scientists are more of the nerd type and don’t get much action, but I generalize…

Should Scientists Date People Who Believe in Astrology? | Wired Science from Wired.com: “”


Jesus Christ has outsourced prayer

Jesus has outsourced prayer to a customer service associate. He was having a hard time keeping up with all the prayers coming his way. Like any good business, he has hired a associate to handle the calls. Here is the article.

I am not convinced that home schooling is better than public or private schools. There is concern that the basic facts of evolution are not being taught to home schooled children. I feel that our public schools don’t talk too much about it as well. One college professor has mentioned in the article to follow, that evolution should be introduced as early as kindergarten. I completely agree. It’s what I do in my house! Parents seem to have no problem taking their kids off to church on Sunday to be brainwashed however…

Do You Teach Your Kids About Darwin? | Geekdad from Wired.com: “”


Global warming is something that most scientists feel is a fact, and not up for debate. All the news broadcasters are trying to scare us that the sea levels will rise and flood the world! Well, it turns out that we may get global warming and lower sea levels. Long term trends are showing that the sea levels are dropping, and all those pricey waterfront properties may be stranded in land some time in the future. Now I understand why it makes the news…Read on…

Have you ever wondered if the Universe is infinite? Me too…I can’t quite wrap my head around it, and this article doesn’t help me much…Interesting though!

Lastly, the Universe’s age is getting more and more accurate. It seems to be about 13.73 billion years old. +/-.12 billion years. Close enough:)

Understanding Evolution and protecting where it all began

Arstechnica is reporting that the National Centre for Science Education in the USA, working with another group on the advancement of science, the AAAS, has been meeting to flesh out the technical nature of evolution for the public.

Misperceptions meet state of the art in evolution research:

The Galapagoes Islands will forever be famous as being the place where Charles Darwin studied 800px-galapagos_iguana1and fleshed out the theory of Natural Selection. Unfortunately, the islands have become a tourist destination, and industry is flooding the area. With this comes the need for energy. Ecuador has been installing wind turbines to meet the electrical needs on the islands, and replacing it’s dependance on oil.

And the conversion of the Galapogoes.

The Daily Green has a story on the launch of the Encyclopedia of Life. It is an on-line encyclopedia with the ambitious goal of detailing all the species on the planet. They have hit 30,000 species so far…Only another 1.8 Million to go…

The encyclopedia of Life.

On another not so pleasant note, the USA has been using torture to get information from prisoners. It is sick, and the Bush regime should be tried for International War Crimes. Here is a new advertising campaign put on by Amnesty International trying to bring more attention to this war crime.

Torture is wrong!

Will the USA ever leave Iraq?


Censorship is bad Part 2

After the shocking video I posted back in November, I thought it important to give another example of censorship, and why free speech should be protected…

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And now on to a completely different topic…Whale evolution. I find it fascinating how we are more related to whales than we previously thought. It is pretty cool that whales evolved from land mammals. It was like the land they were on wasn’t good enough, so they went back…

Godless in One Hour

Here is a well written article by Ricky Gervais on how he was converted as a child…I only hope this happens to all children!

Ricky Gervais… Obviously.:

You probably have read news reports, or seen on the news that bees are dying. It may be a bad thing405px-osmia_ribifloris_bee for us humans…Well, scientists are trying to find the cause of the decline in bee populations. It turns out that nature is very complex, and the answers are not easy to find.

Honey Bees Give Clues on Virus Spread:

One of the biggest debates going on with the environment is whether global warming is actually happening. Most scientists do not doubt the data that we are going through a global warming trend, and that humans are to blame. Skeptics however seem to bring up that scientists in the ’70’s talked of global cooling. Turns out that they didn’t. It was all a hoax.

Study debunks ‘global cooling’ concern of ’70s – USATODAY.com:

We all love mysteries. Another scientific mystery is how did the spine evolve. Here is the answer…

Genetic ‘Junk’ Could Answer Riddle of Vertebrate Evolution:


Florida can use the word ‘Evolution’ in the classroom.

A battle has been raging down south in Florida. Finally the word ‘Evolution’ can be mentioned in the classroom, instead of the catchy phrase ‘change over time’. The board also voted to spend more time teaching evolution in the classroom. Excellent news from the state run by a Bush…;)

Newsvine – New Fla. Standards Use Word ‘Evolution’:

I have been using StumbleUpon for some time now with Firefox, and it is truly a great way of finding things on the interwebitubes that you would not have found any other way. Google search just give us way too many options. Here is another good article by Richard Dawkins on the Improbability of God that I found using StumbleUpon.

Evolution is keeping up with genetic engineering

People are always trying to find ways of beating the pests in their gardens, and for some farmersrussiangreencricket, genetic engineering seems to be an answer. Well, it really isn’t as this article shows. The way evolution works, any pests that survive the pesticide on-slot, go on to reproduce, and make babies that are more tolerant to the pesticide, or genetically engineered crop. I find it quite fascinating.

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