Why Google+ and Facebook are wrecking the Internet

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I came across a fantastic article over at readwriteweb.com about why Google+(and Facebook for that matter) is ruining the Internet as we know it. Found it on Twitter of all places…

I’m not a tech insider, and don’t pretend to know how the inter-web works. I have reactions to new services like most people and hope they improve how we all communicate and collaborate online. When Google+ first came out, I took it as a Facebook competitor that was going to be there as a social tool to share content, pictures, and updates with who you wanted. What I didn’t see coming was how it became a replacement for content. Continue reading “Why Google+ and Facebook are wrecking the Internet”


Middle fingers causing Google+ revolt

I stumbled upon an article today about how some bloggers are getting their profiles pulled from Google+ over showing their middle fingers! Really?

I hate censorship. I really do. I truly believe that education is the answer to cure racism,  bigotry, gay bashing, etc…You breed more problems by banning images and conversation. Having said that, what the hell is wrong with flipping the bird? Nothing.

Techcrunch is making the case that people should first change their profile pics to a middle finger gesture. It was easy for me to do, as you may well be aware, I am proud to show off my beautiful bride in my header image. So I changed my Google+ profile too!

What do you think about social media companies banning and censoring content on their own services? There has been huge revolts on Facebook for banning breastfeeding pics. Who makes them the social and moral police?

Here is the article I came across. Click through at the bottom to read more about the revolt…

This blogger we all know got a pic of himself flipping off a camera removed from Google+ yesterday, and another blogger blogged about it, and then the original blogger blogged about that blogger. Here’s why the image removal was significant, via BoingBoing’s Rob Beschizza.

via Why We Should All Give Google+ The Finger | TechCrunch.

My List of Wishes and Pipe Dreams for 2012

I am starting to compile some of my wishes(and pipe dreams) for 2012. Not necessarily a New Year’s Resolution as a list of stuff I hope happens or doesn’t happen in the coming year.

So without further ado, here are my top 20 wishes for 2012.

  1. That I have a healthy baby come mid March and that my wife makes it through having the baby un-scathed.
  2. That we find a perfect house to move into come March. Man, I hope so…
  3. That it is a banner year for Linux!
  4. That Remember the Milk FINALLY does an interface update! Oh, and includes location reminders from IOS 5.
  5. That my kids find better ways of getting along so I don’t go insane!
  6. That Facebook has a mass exodus and people I KNOW start to use Twitter or Google+ more.
  7. That I mountain bike on every stat holiday this coming up year! I only missed a couple in 2011. And of course ride a whole lot more!
  8. That my bike survives another year with minimal cost!
  9. That my wife gets on her new bike next year and I can go out riding with all of my family more often.
  10. That I loose 10 to 15 pounds and feel like the fit guy I did a couple of years ago.
  11. That they come up with a cheap and safe solution to male pattern baldness! lol. One can hope.
  12. That my cell phone provider lets me out of my damn contract and gives me a phone credit so I can get an Android phone and dump Apple for good!
  13. That I continue running throughout the year and break the 45 minute 10km.
  14. That there is more Occupy protests and that they result in REAL changes between the rich and poor in the world.
  15. That the USA completely changes their foreign policy and focus on the poor in their own country, and not on oil in the middle east.
  16. That I have sex more often than ever before! haha. I can wish, can’t I?
  17. That my hard drives don’t crash and my backups are up to date…
  18. That I see friends more often than I did this year, and that I keep in touch more.
  19. That Stephen Harper has a mass caucus revolt and the NDP become the ruling party.
  20. That religion slowly fades into oblivion and people start treating each other as equals based on being good to one another, rather that judging and killing in the name of their god.

Well, I’m sure there are a bunch of more important things I could have wished for, but seeing that there is no Genie in a bottle, I can change them at any time…

What do you hope for in 2012? Let me know by leaving a comment…

How Facebook Watches You – Social media giant tracks your previous 90 days of browsing

I really don’t like Facebook. But it is hard to keep in touch with friends on other social networks, as they are ALL on Facebook!
I had hoped with the release of Google+, that Facebook would start to wane, but it hasn’t. So I’m still on there.
I hope that at some point people start to realize Facebook is not doing you any favours. Here is an article on how Facebook is tracking you…

Facebook is watching you—even if you’re not a Facebook user—but insists it’s less nefarious than rivals who do the same thing. The social networking giant uses tracking cookies to keep a running log of every page users have visited for the past 90 days, engineering director Arturo Bejar tells the USA Today. It also tracks anyone, user or otherwise, who happens onto Facebook for any reason.

via How Facebook Watches You – Social media giant tracks your previous 90 days of browsing.

Postaday2011 is almost done! I’m excited, but in a split personality sort of way.

Today I finally hit 60,000 visitors to the site! Thank you to everyone that comes back to see what I’m rambling about…

My wife asked me tonight if I’m going to do the challenge next year? The reason she asks me, is because almost every night over the last couple of months, I sit in front of my computer and start to comb Reddit, Google Reader, Twitter, and Google+ for interesting things to blog about! Stumped, I finally, after an hour or two of getting caught up in mindless internet crap(Facebook, porn, etc…), I come up with a post.

Some days I just know what I’m going to write about. Those days are starting to be harder to come by. With my busy work and family life, I don’t have a lot of time to develop a long thought out article like I did a year or two ago. It’s not that I can’t still do it, but with the pressure of having to come up with a post every day, I end up falling back on a topic that I originally wanted to take a couple of days to put together. Instead, I write a shortened, not as well thought out post and fire it out into the blogosphere. It usually leaves me disappointed.

However, the one trend I’ve been noticing on my site is the increased traffic compared to previous years! I now consistently get 150-200 visitors a day! That is a huge increase for a small blog like mine! Posting a topic daily is bringing lots of people here. It has also brought more interaction with you, and my comments, which were non-existant before last year, are coming in on a daily basis. Thanks for that too!

So it’s a double edged sword for me. Do I sign up for the challenge next year and keep churning out content(though of questionable quality), or do I scale it back and try to flesh out more thorough posts? It may sound like an easy solution to just scale it back, but I am quite surprised that I get a lot of traffic on my Photo of the Day posts. They are usually short and sweet. Maybe the amount of content isn’t as important?

What have you enjoyed about coming to my site? Do you enjoy seeing daily content? Or do you wait for something deeper, or do you wait on a topic that I tend to come back to semi-regularly(like GTD or RTM)?


Google+ adds Pages for businesses and brands to the fold! Yes!

Finally a Google+ feature I’ve been waiting for. Businesses, non-profits, bloggers, and brands can easily create and moderate a Google+ page. With the organizing capabilities of G+, I quickly had a News Circle created with 45 sites. If the content can start to build, this will be a huge um, plus for Google+.

I have a Page on Facebook, but I get most of my traffic and referrals from people sharing my blog posts on Twitter and from my personal Facebook page. I’ve yet to have more than 35-40 people “Like” my Facebook page.

I’m hoping with the hashtag capabilities in Google+, and the conversations that take place on there, I can garner a new and expanded audience.

If you are using Google+, add my Page, Pakos.me!