How savy are you to all the Spam,Malware,Viruses out there?

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Over the last few weeks I have been watching quite a few friends and family get caught clicking things they shouldn’t be clicking. My mom hasn’t been on Facebook for a couple of months because they blocked her account after she ‘verified’ her Facebook account by clicking a link in an email. I fixed that for her today. Welcome back mom…

I have seen loads of intelligent friends posting on my profile with great offers of free trips, how to see who is stalking your profile, to sharing a heart wrenching tale of a girl that committed suicide after her dad posted something on her Facebook profile…

Everyone of them got duped. Why? Are people just naive about computer attacks and don’t understand the hell they are about to unleash by clicking ‘that link’? Are people just too trusting with information they get in their email inbox?

I have been online for about 20 years now and the only real threat I’ve seen personally is running Windows. I got hammered too many times when I had gliches with Trend Micro, and MacAfee and opened myself to viruses. Once I switched over to the Mac though, I never had issues. Same goes now that I’m running Linux…Am I just sceptical? Too sceptical?

But even switching operating systems doesn’t stop those times when someone convinces you to click a link, or to see new pictures of Brittany Spears boobs…haha.

If you are unsure of current threats, update your virus software if you are on Windows, and educate yourself.

Here are a few sites with up to date information of current exploits.

What sites or resources do you use to keep up to date on all the exploits? Did you switch to the Mac or Linux because of viruses?

Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you…


How do you promote your Blog? Does it payoff?

Word of Mouth
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I have been running my site for 4+ years now, and haven’t really made any serious attempt at self promotion. I have built my following by word of mouth, and showing up in Google searches. I am curious if people reached a critical mass at some point and some targeted promotion built up your visitors. I currently get between 2,000-3,000 visitors per month. Were you a small blog like mine at some point, and did something to break on through?

This last year I decided to use Twitter and Facebook as my main source of promotion. It brings in about 10-15% of my traffic. I am not a big fan of forum spam, or trying to get traffic via Digg or Reddit by posting links to my articles there. Most savy posters know blog spam and typically down vote the post anyway.

I run my blog via of, and have each post ‘publicize’ to Yahoo Updates, Twitter, and Messenger Connect, and then manually add links to Facebook. because I can’t seem to figure out how to auto-post to my blog Facebook page… It is nice that auto-publicizes my posts, but honestly, I don’t think I have EVER get traffic from Yahoo or Microsoft…I registered with Technorati a couple of years ago, but also don’t seem to get traffic from there. Various web-rings, same thing! I see a trend…I have messed around with Google Webmaster tools as well, but I’m not big enough for Google to really care about.

I know all the stuff about focusing on good content and doing regular posts, but I am looking to see if there are any other tools that other bloggers use to promote themselves!

I’d love to hear what you have to say. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment. ­čÖé

Why did I start blogging? Why do I continue? 3 Million Blogs
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Why did I start blogging? This question has a few meanings to me. Why did I start a blog in the first place? I really can’t remember the reason I started. It has been over 4 years I think. I believe I started after getting the idea to re-live my university years and wanted to create a web presence. So I bought my old radio announcer name, larrinski. I owned my own domain! Woot! was born.

I really had nothing to say though. Much like when I was on the air! haha. Sometime I question if I still do, but back then it was pretty grim. I didn’t know how to add images to a post, or how to even do hyperlinks. I used the blog as a way to share funny things with people, and make comments about the world around me. Essentially, what I post on Twitter and Facebook now. I have always had a fascination with computers and I took the opportunity to learn about HTML, Perl, FTP, etc…

I got the great idea that I was getting a following and boy, I thought I was witty! I had better start saying something important, damn it. I bought my 2nd domain,, and started posting all about religion, science, evolution and attempted to be an authority on atheism. Apparently, other than a few people that followed me on various webrings, I attracted no audience. My aggressive atheism was funny for me, but my social life was suffering…lol.

I continued along this vein for a couple of years and bought my 3rd domain, It was my attempt to speak out about the militaristic and evangelical religious movement taking over the USA. George W. Bush was one of my favourite targets, but let’s be honest, he was for every blogger out there. Hence, I had no one visiting the site. But, man did I ever do lots of posting. I started using blogging as an excuse to not deal with my personal life. I spent my lunches researching and coming up with content, and the evenings not talking to my then-wife( now ex-wife…). Looking back to that stage of my blog, the frustrations in my life came out in my obvious passion in debating and even arguing with people about religion, intelligent design, evolution and anything else that bothered me!

Crap, I’m seeing a theme here. No one gave a shit whether I had a web site, including EVERYONE around me. lol. What was I? 1 in 10,000,000 blogs out there? I essentially gave up.

What changed? Almost 2 years later I have started getting a bit of a following online, and enjoy blogging a lot! Why? Because, I decided that I don’t give a shit if I get 1 visitor or 500 in a day. I also decided that I wasn’t going to blog about just one thing. Atheism, religion, technology. Why get so bent out of shape? I don’t care about what people believe so much anymore. I can let it slide(most of the time…). So, I got rid of all my themed sites,,, and, and just bought my name. The real me. I decided I was going to blog about whatever comes to mind. If you like it, great! If not, maybe it will start a dialogue.

Why did I start the challenge Postaday2011? Why did I start daily blogging? Good question! It’s like, OMG!!Why did I sign up for this? Because I like blogging. Sometimes it feels easy to come up with a post. Other days(like yesterday), I had to scramble for a topic to write. Kind of like when I was in school. There are days when I feel like the night before an essay assignment is due at school. You remember those days? You stare at a blank page (a blank post in this case), and have to come up with something? I have to write an essay everyday now! It is a unique challenge, and I think I am up for it. Today I have gone 18 days straight. A record for me.

Thanks for checking out the site, I appreciate it…Let me know what you think. What topics have you followed here and want me to write more about? GTD, evolution, atheism, corporate overlords? If I’m gonna post everyday all year, I need some assistance from my loyal 3 visitors. ­čśë

US Government Subpeonas @Wikileaks followers data from Twitter

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I feel a bit angry.

I am not one for feeling threatened by doing completely LEGAL things like having an opinion. The US government has subpeoned Google, Twitter, and Facebook for user data relating to anyone related to Wikileaks. Is following someone make you related to them and a suspect of a crime? Honestly, I read 1984 a long time ago, but this is getting ridiculous. Since when does agreeing with a news organization releasing stories about corruption in government make you a target of the courts?

I think a lot of my feelings around this stem from my student politics past. I have a hard time accepting people overstepping their authority and clearly the US government is doing that. Scare tactics? You bet.

I still feel that releasing the cables will┬áinevitably┬ámake for more accountable government. So, support Wikileaks. Be proud to stand up for honesty, accountability, and justice for the wrong-doings of a few corrupt governments and their leaders…

Here is the site you can go to to support Wikileaks.

The 12 Most Embarrassing Photos of 2008

We have all been embarrassed in the past by some camera that took a picture at the wrong moment. Luckily for most of us, it never makes the 6PM news, or becomes a huge hit on the Internet! For the following folks, they weren’t so lucky… Here are the 12 most embarrassing photos of 2008!

[From The 12 Most Embarrassing Photos of 2008 |]

I just love the #1 pic! Some people are just not very smart!

Interesting articles on the earth…

Just recently I have been reading Though it doesn’t seem to be a site run be the scientific community, I find it accurate with my limited knowledge…For those of you that wonder how the earth was formed ( other than by an invisible man… ), here is a story starting with the Big Bang. Aren’t you glad that you weren’t around when volcanoes ruled the earth? Me too…

If you use Facebook to keep in touch with your friends, family, and lost acquaintances, then you need to be aware of a threat to your privacy. It is called Beacon, and it is evil. So much in fact, that the Facebook founder has apologized and has let you opt out. Do it now…

On to the battle against “Intelligent Design”…Though it has been shown not to be science “at all”, religious groups are still insisting that it be taught in science class. And it looks like it is paying off! American kids suck at science