What I have been up to, and why I need to blog more!

I just had one of those moments where I realized I haven’t done a post on my blog for months! Oh so sad…I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear about what I have been up to! Right?

Well, looking at my stats, it is obvious that I have been neglecting my site, and traffic has slowed.

Looking back at the last few months, I have to say the single biggest excuse I have is that I have been quite burnt out! No one wants to hear me whine, so instead I will post a few pictures of some things that have been going on for me and my family to catch you up to date. After saying that, I need to re-set my brain and make a conscious decision to blog here with content I find interesting, versus simply posting to my various social networks. Why? Here is a quote I read the other day that seemed to ring true for me…

 I was offered a job through my blog….
I have 9000 ‘friends’ at Facebook and myspace….
I used to know most of my readers by name and knew that they all knew mine – even though there were only 200 a day….
I know a lot more people see my profile on Facebook – but most of them just are hunting for friend bait….
I used to spend hours writing things that meant something on my blog….
I now spend hours updating people on the lattes I drink and people I meet on Twitter….
I had a brand of my own on and on my own property on my blog….
I now have a brand on someone else’s property….”

– See more at: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/12/09/blogging-vs-social-networking/#sthash.bdaM7R1K.dpuf

Though the quote above is from 2007 (and mentions Myspace…haha), it still rings true. All the things we share online, from cute pictures, to our writing, to our involvement with others in the community, are all owned by private corporations! Not to mention the recent revelations that Google, Facebook, Apple, etc…all give up our data to the US government in secret agreements! At least my blog, or yours, has a realm of independence. I set the parameters around sharing my content. I set the license. It is my small stamp online. Even if Facebook or Twitter or Google+ go down in flames for the next big thing, my blog is still there for people to see.

I have been hard on myself in more ways than I care to share, but one thing that I have felt in the past was a block to blogging, was that I expected that if I was going to write something on my site, it better be well thought out, well written, and long enough to engage my readers to comment and interact. Why? This is setting myself up for failure! I have a gazillion kids and more responsibilities than I care to think about! I don’t have the brain power every day to write articles! So why not post a funny picture on my blog? Everyone else does it on their Facebook profile, or in 140 characters via Twitter!

To start a habit, you just need to put one foot in front of the other, and repeat…

So you are going to get whatever posts I had planned on posting on my G+ or Facebook profiles! You will be the first to gain insight into my witty humour or see that hilarious picture before it hits the social networks!

Up first, I saw a very funny image on Reddit one day about a guy that didn’t really want to bring something on “Food Day” at work. This was my inspiration for the following tasty treat I brought last Friday…


I recently decided to take the plunge and move forward in my understanding of Linux. I have been using some of the easy to install, and easy to maintain distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and PinguyOS. It is nice to have everything just work out of the box, but I am forcing myself to understand the workings underneath. So I picked the ‘intermediate’ distro Crunchbang 11 as my new distro! Here is a screenshot I did just after my successful install! Woot!

#! 11

Lastly, here is a recent picture of our busy family! We can never get a nice photo ever taken, and this one is funny!



Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

How does one represent ‘everyday life’ in a picture and make it exciting? I always ponder this question whenever I post a picture on my blog.

I’ve thought about what I like, and what makes me smile when I look at pictures. Outside of the obvious wow factor that some photographs generate, I find myself looking back over my life and that of my wife and kids by checking out photos of the places we’ve been, or the gatherings we’ve attended.

I typically enjoy the mundane, boring photos of my family. They generate the majority of my feelings and memories I cherish. So, when trying to pick the image for this post, it took me some time to give you this…

It makes me smile, it brings back a fond day we recently spent as a family, and I hope that we can look at this picture in the future, and think that it was just another photo of our “everyday life”…


Photo of the Day – Double Plus

A couple of months ago we got some exciting news! We are expecting another baby in the house. I forgot all about the picture I took of the ‘surprise’ I got one day on my lunch break.

I came home during the day to have lunch with my bride and our son, and she had a smile on her face. She told me to close my eyes, as she had a present for me! I love presents! Especially since we are not that type of couple that does presents very often. It usually means we have bought something cute or funny for each other.

I closed my eyes and she put 2 long stick things into my outstretched hands. I tried to guess, and my first thought was that she had bought me individually wrapped Kit Kat chocolate bars. lol.

Of course, I opened my eyes, and I then spent the next minute trying to sort out the present. You see, I’ve never taken a pregnancy test before, being a guy and all. So I saw a – and + on them. I then looked at my wife to help me decipher this puzzle. Her smile gave me the answer! 🙂

Anyhow, it’s a few months along now, and safe to let it out there that we are insane and are adding to the boat load of children we already have!

Photo of the Day – Kid Art

Tonight the house was settling down and the two older boys decided to draw their families. I’m always interested in seeing how they interpret what their family is in a blended household…

Not all art by our children are masterpieces, but I liked to see that we are all smiling in the picture anyway! One big happy family…

Do you exercise early in the morning?

World Naked Bike Ride St. Louis
Image by bill.streeter via Flickr

Today I planned a mountain bike ride before work. I almost never ride early in the morning. But, with the hot weather coming, riding at 5 or 6 pm is not fun. I have never enjoyed hot weather. I usually count the days of summer awaiting the rains of autumn to cool me off. I can’t sleep, hate to tan, and am a bit of a lame duck in the water.

I love to ride, and if I could somehow get a ride in every day, or every other day, I’d be a happy man. And a fit one too! Continue reading “Do you exercise early in the morning?”

Stay at Home Moms Don’t Get the Credit They Deserve!

Hope all you moms had fun today!
Image via Wikipedia

Today I am going to post about a topic I haven’t covered in the years I’ve been running this blog…I am going to talk about something that bothers me about our society in Canada. Women(and to a lesser extent parents in general) sacrifice a huge part of their lives, incomes, education, health, and social status to raise our children.

I work full time, and when I come home after work, I feel a bit drained and tired. Not really from too much hard work, as my job is not too taxing…My fiancee on the other hand looks like she wants to toss me the baby or pre-schooler and run for the hills! Sorry honey, but I am one of those guys that understands…Babies and kids are a hell of a lot of work! They are more demanding than any customer you get in a day. At least the worst customer can communicate in language you can understand!

In our modern society women wear many different hats. Career woman, mom, partner, lover. Everyone wants a piece. Despite what people may say, raising kids is a job. The hardest f*cking job you’ll ever do. So, why don’t stay at home moms get the credit they deserve? I really don’t think they do! Why do women have to be the ones that lose their careers, income potential, and not be on equal footing with men? It is obvious to me. Women are the primary parents the majority of the time. They are the ones that give birth to the kids…They breast feed. They are completely depended upon…So how do we compensate?

I see a solution to the problem of women that want to raise their kids, but can’t afford to put their careers(and incomes) on hold…Give them an income to raise the kids! Collect CPP and OAS from them and help fund the upcoming baby boomer pension disaster heading our way.

For gay couples, single moms or dads, adoptive parents, or couples that choose to have the man stay at home, the same should apply. We need to invest in raising kids in this country. I don’t know the exact stats, but a large portion of children in Canada are raised below the poverty line…Pay a living wage to raise our kids…Once the parent is ready to enter the workforce, there should be free child care for them too. Lets put our social programs back into the hands of Canadians!

I am not a tax expert, nor an expert on how the hell it would all work, but I have heard that France is doing something along this line to increase their population…What are your thoughts on this?

My rambling of the day…

The Dysfunctional Family Letter Generator

You can thank me later for this great web site. I can’t wait for my own letter to come my way!

The Dysfunctional Family Letter Generator: