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I have had a couple of crappy days at work, and have been waiting for the week to end. So the healthy thing to do for me is start Stumbling to pass the time. I find the funniest things.

Much of what is on the Internet is crap, or even worse, pictures of crap…A year or two ago, I came across(or dare I say, stumbled across) the Firefox and IE plug-in Stumbleupon. I have written about it before, but most new visitors may miss some of my old tech writing. A good plug for using my search field on the site, and looking in the archives section.

Here are a couple of the newspaper clippings I found on one site.






All images are from twodorks.com

Wouldn’t have found this without Stumbleupon! Check it out.

“And remember you heard it first here on Roller Derby”

BTW, for the first person to tell me where the above quote originated from, I will mail you an early X-mas present. You must be in North America to win, as this site is non-profit, and I seriously don’t want to amass a big shipping bill. Sorry to all my international readers…

The prize is a good one. It is the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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Aliens prefer Firefox

I have had a busy weekend, and will work on more content over the next day or so. In the meantime, here is a photo “proving” that aliens use Firefox as their default web browser…


One other photo that I find quite fascinating…It is called the tree of life. It really breaks down the complexity of the life on the planet, and it has pretty colours. Can you ask for anything more???Click the photo for the full version..


Having messed with my themes over the last couple of days, I am looking for some feedback. What do you think? Be brave and email me at larrinski

Favourite Mac Apps

I just created a new page with a bunch of my favourite Mac Apps. Check it out!

Florida can use the word ‘Evolution’ in the classroom.

A battle has been raging down south in Florida. Finally the word ‘Evolution’ can be mentioned in the classroom, instead of the catchy phrase ‘change over time’. The board also voted to spend more time teaching evolution in the classroom. Excellent news from the state run by a Bush…;)

Newsvine – New Fla. Standards Use Word ‘Evolution’:

I have been using StumbleUpon for some time now with Firefox, and it is truly a great way of finding things on the interwebitubes that you would not have found any other way. Google search just give us way too many options. Here is another good article by Richard Dawkins on the Improbability of God that I found using StumbleUpon.

Why prayer is a hoax…

I got this from a well written website http://www.godisimaginary.com

I have been finding some great sites lately by using the StumbleUpon toolbar in Firefox. If you want to broaden your internet experience, I really recommend installing Firefox, and using StumbleUpon. It goes out and finds sites based on your preferences, likes and dislikes. Check it out!

Happy Friday!!

To start, have a chuckle with the intelligent comments made in a court of law

In case you are still using the least secure internet browser, Internet Explorer, read why other browsers are a better bet. Here is a HUGE whale picture posted online. Everyone’s favorite foulmouthed cartoon characters were made on a Mac. And if you have a bit of time, enjoy watching some blue ball machines. And one of the coolest and most expensive machines just made one of the coolest and most expensive commercials. April 1st is close approaching. Try not to get duped.

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Reposting the old iweb blogs

From Monday, February 26, 2007

I have been reading a lot a cool & interesting articles with my favorite news reader, Vienna lately. I am going to try and start adding some news items that I find cool, shocking, and / or interesting.

To start, I am going to set up the blog to do RSS feeds. For the people that just said “what?”, it means that everytime I update the blog, and you are registered for the feed, you will get all the new content, without having to go to the site. You need to have a browser or news reader that supports RSS. Firefox on the Windows side is one of them. And truth be told, you should be using it instead of Internet Explorer. And while I’m at it, go get a Mac! You will never look back…

As some may know, I am an atheist, and sometimes one needs to freshen up on rebuttals. Since we are on the topic, a new documentary by James Cameron is sure raising some eyebrows! Speaking of hype, don’t be a sucker and think for one second that Windows Vista is secure like OSX.

Bye for now!