Pastafarian Hymn for your evening enjoyment!

Today I came across a new video with a new hymn for the Pastafarians! Here it is…


The Best Father’s Day present ever! [FSM]

Today was Father’s Day. It started out better than most as I got to sleep in to a generous 8:30am. Once I had a coffee in me, my 8 year old son asked me if I wanted my gift. Sure, I said.

He’s been talking about how much I’m going to love my Father’s Day gift. To clarify how I feel about presents, I should say that any time my family gives me a gift, I don’t usually care what it is. Especially if it’s from my kids. It sounds corny, but it is the thought that counts! There is always a bit of nervousness though, just in case I don’t really know what my kid made or how to interpret the gift. “That’s beautiful sweetie, what is it again?”… Continue reading “The Best Father’s Day present ever! [FSM]”

500th Post Giveaway!

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Today marks a big milestone for! It is my 500th post. Yah for me! I should get to 1000 faster now that I’m doing the postaday challenge.

A few small statistics for you statisticians that come to my site. Just in case you were wondering how many statisticians check out my site regularily? 9.7623 on average per day, with a standard deviation of +/- 9.7623 , 100% of the time.

I have been blogging now for 4 years. That averages out to a post every 3 days! Wow. It has never seemed that consistent! I have taken some larger breaks in there too.

But enough of the boring stuff, let’s get to the swag…

To celebrate this milestone, I have a giveaway for you, my 2 loyal visitors!

The first correct answer, gets the one coveted “The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” that I could afford on the massive budget for the site!

So without further ado, here is the skill testing question…

I will contact the winner via e-mail to get contact information.

Good luck! Oh, and thank you for checking out my site for the last 4 years…

Bobby Henderson is a Genius.

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I wrote the other day about a fascinating topic. Geniuses. I really don’t know what makes a genius, or who is correct in defining them, but I know of one person that I think is a genius.

He could have an IQ of 100, and it wouldn’t matter. His name? Bobby Henderson.

He wrote “The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster“, as well as his famous letter to the Kansas School Board. Continue reading “Bobby Henderson is a Genius.”

Global Warming is Real. Deal with it…

There are some vocal sceptics out there that say that global warming is not man made. I find that the majority of these opinions are brought forth by right wing think tanks, and corporate sponsored ‘researchers’. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these sponsors are oil companies!

Here is a graph showing temperature flucuations for the last 120 years.


Over at Scientific American, comes the question, “Is global warming a myth?”

…U.S. National Academy of Sciences declared in 2005 that “greenhouse gases are accumulating in Earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures to rise,” adding that “the scientific understanding of climate change is now sufficiently clear to justify nations taking prompt action.” Other leading U.S. scientific bodies, including the American Meteorological Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the American Geophysical Union have issued concurring statements—placing the blame squarely on humans’ shoulders…

Click through for the article

Over at Science Centric is a bit more research to add to the mountain of evidence that global warming is being influenced by humans. This is a study about drought in Mexico.

…Droughts come and go, but the researchers believe that this drought in particular may have a human-generated component on both a regional and global scale…

Click through for the article

The Huffington Post has an article about Obama’s new science advisor John Holdren, who wants to shoot ‘pollution particles’ into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays. Crazy? Who am I to judge?

The real reason there has been a pronounced increase in global temperatures? A steady decline of Pirates…



What are your thoughts? Do you think humans are wrecking the planet? Drop me a comment. I would love to hear your opinion!

Christmas is coming. Time to Blasphemy!

Today we got the first Christmas card of the year featuring the baby Jesus from a religious relative. Here is the saying inside the card.

Praying that the joy of Jesus will be with you as you celebrate His birth. Have a blessed Christmas!

I just get sick when I get this stuff…Being the guy I am, I started thinking about what I should send out for X-mas cards this year.

Normally we try to send out the most generic cards that mention the (vague) holidays and something about the new year(we all seem to celebrate that!). But, there are a few new Flying Spaghetti Monster cards now being sold. If I wasn’t so late every year getting the damn things out in the mail, I may have picked one of the following…




On one of my favourite sites(, they have a boat load of funny images you can put on t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc… Here are some of my favs.








I’ll add some more soon! Good luck living through the next month!

Our first contest!! Read through for your chance to win!![edit]

I have had a couple of crappy days at work, and have been waiting for the week to end. So the healthy thing to do for me is start Stumbling to pass the time. I find the funniest things.

Much of what is on the Internet is crap, or even worse, pictures of crap…A year or two ago, I came across(or dare I say, stumbled across) the Firefox and IE plug-in Stumbleupon. I have written about it before, but most new visitors may miss some of my old tech writing. A good plug for using my search field on the site, and looking in the archives section.

Here are a couple of the newspaper clippings I found on one site.






All images are from

Wouldn’t have found this without Stumbleupon! Check it out.

“And remember you heard it first here on Roller Derby”

BTW, for the first person to tell me where the above quote originated from, I will mail you an early X-mas present. You must be in North America to win, as this site is non-profit, and I seriously don’t want to amass a big shipping bill. Sorry to all my international readers…

The prize is a good one. It is the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Send your entries to larrinski