FSM spotted and Astrology is ridiculous

I haven’t seen our illustrious Flying Spaghetti Monster for a while, so I was delighted to see him show up at an Apple cafeteria! Two of my favourite things in one location!! Atheism, and computers… Continue reading “FSM spotted and Astrology is ridiculous”


Breaking down an Evolution textbook made by the ID movement

If I have one fear about my kid going through school, it is that the Christian right will have successfully mislead the public to allow creationism into the Science classroom.

800px-textbookIt is happening in the States, and has some steam. With our crazy right wing leaders Harper, and in BC Gordon Campbell, it seems more likely than I can remember. Let’s hope it stays in the USA.

Arstechnica goes over one of these “textbooks” to see what all the fuss is about, and talks all about the politics of getting God back into the classroom in a sly(read sleezy) fashion.

Evolution has been singled out for special ire by Discovery, as it provides an explanation for the origin of humanity based solely on natural processes. Although the ID movement has not developed a research program or even proposed a scientific formulation of its ideas, it has gotten a surprising amount of traction with its attack on the science of evolution. Tapping into a rich vein of American thought that dates back roughly a century, the group’s members have used popular books and appearances in the press to argue that the scientific theory of evolution is on the verge of abandonment, having been pushed to its most recent “inevitable” collapse by new molecular evidence.

[From A biologist reviews an evolution textbook from the ID camp: Page 1 ]

As my readers know, evolution is going to continue on whether we like it or not! So, here is an article about the evolution of whales. It is fascinating that they are mammals that returned to the ocean. That is so cool!

[From It’s All In The Hips: Early Whales Used Well Developed Back Legs For Swimming, Fossils Show]080917210028-large

To finish off, here is a link to the most popular game on the Internet!!!!The Flying Spaghetti Monster Game…Though I had linked to it long ago, it deserves a fresh introduction!

Official Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19

Ahoy! It is Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr! As a Pastafarian, I welcome this day with open arms. 744px-pirate_flag_of_rack_rackhamsvgYou will notice that today the weather is cooler than yesterday, and that is because the Flying Spaghetti Monster likes you talking like a Pirate, and has slowed down global warming for the day. We have made His Noodliness happy…Go check out the official Talk Like a Pirate Day Website below!

[From Welcome to the Official site for Talk Like A Pirate Day – September 19]

And as a bonus, here is a link to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

[Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster]

Go have a Grog and celebrate!

Evolution for Creationists and Pastafarianism PDFs

You know, I have been writing on this site for a year and a half now! I have posted almost 300 times so far! I hope you like the effort! I know that I enjoy putting my perspective on the world out there for you to read!

But something needs to be done for those that aren’t quite understanding what all the fuss is about regarding evolution! So, as I was Stumbling around(stumbleupon), I came across this great site! Evolution for Creationists! What a great idea! A well worded, simply laid out site for the creationist fence sitters. I recommend that you check it out.

Evolution is a fact. Shocking and controversial this might sound, but bear with me. I’m not talking about Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. I’m talking about the changes in the gene pools of all species that occur every single day due to births and deaths. If you accept that most members of a species do not all have the exact same DNA (which is easily demonstrated), and you accept that sexual reproduction combines the DNA of two parents to form a slightly different combination of genes, and you accept that not all creatures survive long enough to be able to reproduce, then….

You have accepted that evolution is an observed, natural fact. That’s all it is. A change in the genes over time. Evolution happens. Things evolve. That’s what it means. There is no debate in the scientific community as to whether or not evolution is a fact. It is a fact of nature, just like gravity…

[From Evolution for Creationists]

I added a new page for files and PDFs that I collect and think that you may enjoy. igod-fsmIf you ever get Jehovah Witnesses to your door wanting to pass out the Watchtower, then you will enjoy giving them back these three brochures on Pastafarianism. As well, a page with stickers to put in offending Intelligent Design textbooks, and bibles…Ya!

Check out the new page for the direct links!

Google buys the Roman Catholic Church

Good to see that The Onion is not the only source of religious humour! Over at badoozie.com, comes the news that Google has bought the Catholic Church! Oh, if it were only true…

[From GOOGLE Acquires Roman Catholic Church for $1.8bn | Badoozie

In a similar vien, back in February I posted a small video on why prayer is a hoax.(Check it out!). I linked to the site godisimaginary.com. I thought I would bring up the fact that the site itself is an excellent resource for easily rebuking God. They have 50 simple proofs that God is imaginary, i.e.- a fake and religion a fraud.

[From God is Imaginary – 50 simple proofs]

George Carlin said it the best…

Religion convinced the world that there’s an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do. And there’s 10 things he doesn’t want you to do or else you’ll go to a burning place with a lake of fire until the end of eternity. But he loves you! …And he needs money! He’s all powerful, but he can’t handle money!

From cectic.com, comes an appearance of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!


Faith Fighter

I was over at my friend Peter’s house a while back having a few beers, and he broke out Street Fighter. I can’t remember which character I played, but out of sheer luck and hitting a bunch of buttons really quickly, I won. It was quite exciting!

Well, I have finally found the best version of Street Fighter out there. It is free, can be played inside a browser, and you can also download it if you choose. It is Faith Fighter. You can play as quite a few different deities; God, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, etc…If you look hard, you may even see the Flying Spaghetti Monster make an appearance!

Give it a go!

Bush apologies for Soldier shooting Quran

I find this appalling! Not the soldier for shooting a copy of the Quran(what’s the big deal?), but that George Bush is apologizing for the incident. Bush doesn’t apologize for soldiers shooting people in Iraq, but for shooting a book. Give me a break!!! So if I understand the logic, this book (which apparently is important to Muslims) is so important that it must be protected, but the innocent citizens of Iraq can be bombed, shot, tortured, and raped by US soldiers. What of the problem of citizens carrying the Quran while being shot? I say this not be funny, but I find George Bush to be a complete hypocrite. What a minute, I already knew that…

[From Newsvine – Bush calls Iraqi PM over Quran shooting]

Over at friendlyatheist.com, is a good collection of atheist symbols. Go Flying Spaghetti Monster Go!!!

[From Friendly Atheist » A Collection of Atheist Symbols]

And things aren’t any better in the UK. Some teen is up on charges for calling Scientology a Cult! It is a cult, what’s the problem. On top of calling Scientology a “name”, what about the right to free speech? Since when does calling someone or something a name constitute police action? Is it April Fool’s Day today or something? Seems to be an odd day indeed…

[From Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology ‘cult’ | UK news | guardian.co.uk]