Texas Trying to Introduce Useless Science Standards!

Oh Texas, you have given the world many things, George Bush, tasty steak, lots of rednecks, and now, potentially useless science standards. That is if the bill being proposed by Rep. Wayne Christian is passed. The bill simply allows students to get credit for a science course even if they don’t believe in the theory. Even worse, there would be no ramifications for teachers that don’t teach certain topics if they don’t believe in it. Essentially, this Christian backed bill, is trying to bring Creationism into the science classroom AGAIN, but by a different tactic. I have no problem with students not believing something they are taught. We all have to think for ourselves. The problem is that teachers would be able to substitute real science with fake crap taught at Sunday school. The student needs to understand science, and needs to answer the questions on tests correctly to get credit. I may not believe in something, but if I am being tested on it, I need to know the answer. Period.

If there is one thing we can learn from this, the religious right is still hard at work trying anything they can to teach religion in the classroom. Here is a snippet of the article posted over at richarddawkins.net. Click the link and have a good read!

Christian said he filed the bill to allow teachers to continue to teach the strengths and weaknesses of the theory of evolution.

“If students have every opportunity to learn about every idea, it empowers students to have a better ability to debate,” he said. “If they are exposed to and know the other side of things, they will be able to come back and debate that side.”

But Schafersman said scientists and science educators pushed for the weakness language to be removed because it is not based on science. He said the proposed legislation would allow educators to teach creationism, a biblical explanation of the origin of humans, if they wanted.

“That is against the law,” he said. “Every court case has said creationism is religion, and you can’t bring religion into schools.”

Schafersman said that for Texas to compete nationally and globally, the education standards must be based on “good science and not get bogged down with these religious interventions into our secular schools.” He also said that Christian doesn’t understand that all science is theoretical.

Well Said…


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Bush, Rumsfeld should be pursued for torture: UN rapporteur

Only one day after George Bush left office, and there are calls to charge him and his fellow “evil-doers” for acts of torture and improper care of the Guantanamo Bay prisoners under the Geneva Convention. Unfortunately I see this all going nowhere. There has been plenty of talk of impeaching him for the same thing, and it going nowhere. At least it is an interesting read none the less! But we can hope and dream 😉

[From The Raw Story | Bush, Rumsfeld should be pursued for torture: UN rapporteur]

George W Bush’s Last Day in Office!

Not in a very long time, have I been excited about someone losing their job! Today is the last day that the evil Bush is in power.

I really hope that I can look back years from now, and see an improvement in the worldbyebyebushblog in a “post-Bush” era. It may take many years to undo the nasty things he accomplished. Below is a summary of his tenor, and a few other links to finish up this horrible era…

[From George W Bush Timeline – Facts About George W Bush – Esquire]

Here is a well written retrospective from Harper’s Magazine. Lots of scary facts!

[From Harper’s Index: A retrospective of the Bush era (Harper’s Magazine)]

Here is the official byebyebush site!
And lastly, if you want to have a permanent bit of memorabilia, here is a link to a site selling t-shirts, buttons, coffee mugs, etc…

A posting full of contractions!

I don’t know why I tend to put George Bush and religion together, however today it became clear to me. They are both renowned for blatant contradictions and I don’t trust anyone that believes them to be absolutely true. First off are 101 contradictions in the bible…Shouldn’t be too hard to find them!

[From 101 Contradictions in the Bible – Think Atheist]

Secondly, here is a video put forth by David Letterman on the contradictions of what George Bush promised when elected, and what actually took place.

Lastly, I am surrounded by people that believe in products that detoxify. It frustrates me to no end. You may know people yourself that go on the lemon water honey “cleanse”, or take detoxifying vitamins. Of course there is no science that backs these claims, and the contradiction here is that some of these health products may be bad for you. What a shock.

The researchers warned that, at worst, some detox diets could have dangerous consequences and, at best, they were a waste of money.BBC NEWS | Health | Scientists dismiss ‘detox myth’]

While shopping one day in town, I went into one of those new age stores with lots of crystals, incense, and goddess stock. I overheard the teller saying to one customer that the rock she was about to buy was excellent, because it was calming, helped with depression, and you could even programthe stone with your wishes! WOW!
I laughed quite loudly, and left. 🙂

$700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party

All these bailout packages are pathetic. Why should taxpayers bail out these companies, allow the shareholders to keep the gains, and tax the loss to everyone else?
If the government is going to bail out the car/insurance companies and fledgling banks, then nationalize the industries, and make the taxpayer the beneficiary of the profits to be gained later on.

At least the Onion keeps me sane with stories like the following in times like these!

[From $700 Billion Bailout Celebrated With Lavish $800 Billion Executive Party | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source]

Adding to the humour for the day is the top 10 list from David Letterman on the top 10 George Bush moments during his presidency…Man, the locked door video made me piss my pants!

Size 10 shoes thrown at Bush by Journalist

This journalist will be a hero in Iraq! He took off his shoes and threw them at George W Bush. It is considered an ultimate insult. That takes balls. Bush’s answer to the question after is even more entertaining. This is something that he doesn’t have a problem with? This is something that can be done in a free country? WTF?

After watching this video a couple of times, I think that it was set up. It took quite some time before the men in black came out of the wings…I think Dubya is looking for some sympathy in his final hour. 😉 This made my day…

[From BBC NEWS | Middle East | Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip]

Here is the Al-Jazeera post of the action.

[From Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Shoe attack mars Bush’s Iraq visit]

Here is the event!

And I just found this GIF! Funny stuff.