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I have always been a skeptic. Well, maybe not always, but as far back as I can remember. In fact, one of the beliefs that gnawed at me from a young age was that of god. I just didn’t buy the story. My mom had a bible in the kitchen miscellaneous (junk) drawer that she never read, so I took it out and started from the beginning.
20111105-223713.jpgI couldn’t believe what I was reading! Not to offend anyone that believes it, but I was flabbergasted as to how a person could read the bible and believe it as an absolute truth.
I started asking questions about who wrote it. Humans wrote it? But it was the word of god, right? Isn’t he able to make it himself and give a copy?
Then I started asking about how the world could have been populated by Adam & Eve. How could they live for almost a thousand years? Wasn’t there some really creepy incest going on?
That was the start of me questioning the validity of there being a god. And from that point on, ghosts, the sasquatch, angels, psychics, spirits, leprechauns, monsters, hell, the afterlife, heaven, mermaids, homeopathy (the list is quite extensive!!), etc…have been given equal treatment. They are all bullshit. Believe what you want, but question it all.
With that, I do find it fascinating when I have friends, family, co-workers that go to psychic readings, tea leaf readings, palm readings, tarot card readings etc…and are absolutely convinced they have spoken to their deceased loved ones. How did the psychic do it? Much like a magician, there is a method to their readings.
Find below an excerpt from Delancey Place all about how to be a successful psychic. A good read!
Today’s encore selection — from The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland. If you want to become a psychic, which is a $2 billion industry in the U.S. alone, there is perhaps no better instruction book than Ian Rowland’s The Full Facts Book of Cold Reading. Rowland, a highly successful practitioner, freely admits the tricks involved, and meticulously catalogues them for his readers. A good part of the book explains how the psychic can convince the client of his or her psychic abilities (e.g., “The Fuzzy Fact”) and achieve a successful reading, but the book also explains how to handle situations where the client rejects the psychic’s statements as incorrect. Two of the ten methods outlined in the book for dealing with this rejection — focus and awareness — are excerpted below:


“There are going to be times when the psychic offers a statement that the client rejects. Now and again the client will say that a statement is incorrect or just doesn’t mean anything to her. This isn’t a problem for the psychic. There are many ways in which she can still be right, or at the very least partially right. In the world of psychic readings, if the client accepts a statement then the psychic wins and if she rejects a statement the psychic wins anyway!


“There are two main ways for psychics to deal with a negative response: revisions and codas. I will deal with the revisions first, because I think they are more interesting and useful. Later we will look at the two commonest codas. There are numerous revisions, but here are the eight that I think are most useful.


Focus: This revision applies when at least part of a statement is right, even if it’s just one word or one idea. The psychic places all the focus and attention on the part of the statement that is right and allows the rest to fade away, forgotten and unmentioned:
‘I’m sensing the name Jane or Jenna in connection with your place of work. Someone you don’t necessarily know very well but you see her often. Can you place this person?’


“If the client happens to work with anyone called Jane or Jenna, or anyone with a name that sounds similar, this is a hit. However, suppose the client says:


‘No, not really. I know a Joanne, but she’s nothing to do with work. She’s a friend from my school days.’


‘Yes, that must be who I was getting. I was sensing a female name starting with J, you know, Jane or Joanne or something like that, and I knew it had to be someone you have known for quite a long time. And you have known her a long time, haven’t you?’


“The psychic places all the focus and emphasis on the bits that are right, and simply forgets about the rest. A slight refinement is for the psychic to hint that she only got something wrong because she did not trust her psychic powers:


‘Oh, she’s called Joanne is she? Well that’ll teach me! I wanted to say Joanne but then I got this impression about Jane or that kind of sound. I should learn to trust my first instincts, shouldn’t I? Okay, but nonetheless I knew that there was someone in your life with this name that you’ve known a long time. That’s right isn’t it?’


“When using the Focus revision, the psychic’s delivery and tone of voice can help to make the error seem a trivial distraction of no consequence. Example:


‘And this house you lived in at the time, I see a number 2 on the door. That’s right isn’t it?’


“If yes, this is a hit. If not, the psychic says:


‘Well, all right, I’m obviously confused about the exact number but not to worry, it doesn’t matter. This house that I’m seeing is the important thing, and the reason I want to mention this house is that …’


“The psychic goes on to talk about something completely different, forgetting about the problematic numeral as if it had never been mentioned. The client can generally be relied upon to also forget about it. A happy conspiracy of forgetfulness adds greatly to the impressive nature of many psychic readings.


Awareness: The psychic suggests that her statement is correct, but the client may not realize this as she isn’t aware of all the facts:


‘I’m sensing the name Jane or Jenna in connection with your place of work. Someone you don’t necessarily know very well but you see her often. Can you place this person?’


‘Not really, no, I don’t think I know anyone with either of those names.’


‘Actually, there’s a good chance this might not be your place of work. It might be someone your husband or a friend of yours works with, at some office or something like that, and you might not know them personally.’


“The psychic is basically saying she is right, but the client isn’t in a position to know that she is right. A useful variation is to suggest that nobody is aware of the crucial information:


‘Actually, this might be someone whose first name is actually Jane, but she always uses her middle name for some reason. Even people who have known her for a very long time aren’t aware that in fact she regularly uses her middle name, which I sense is quite different.’


“Another variation is to suggest that there’s a reason why a given piece of information might not be available to the client, such as embarrassment:


‘I’m sensing this name Jane or Jenna, and she’s recently had a medical issue to deal with, yes?’


“If yes, this is a hit. If not, the psychic says:


‘Actually, she may have kept rather quiet about it. I sense it’s perhaps not something she would talk about much. I don’t think it was anything particularly serious so we don’t need to dwell on it.’


“Yet another variation is the suggestion that the client’s memory may be at fault, or that she was never fully aware of the situation in the first place. This can be made to sound entirely forgivable:


‘And when you were younger, I see an accident involving water. Does this make sense to you?’


“If yes, this is a hit. If not, the psychic says:


‘I sense it’s going back some time, perhaps when you were very young. You may not remember much about it now.’


“The Awareness revision is never used in such a way as to make the client feel stupid or ignorant. The psychic always makes it clear that the lack of awareness is entirely understandable and blameless.”

Why do Athletes Look to the Heavens when they Score?

Rosario & Day
Image by Erik R. Bishoff via Flickr

Tonight I was half watching the Super Bowl. I really don’t know why because I can comfortably say that I hate American football. Let’s just say it’s slow as molasses, and the game seems to be played in between commercials. My 8 year old son and I haven’t ever watched football together, so we laughed as players spanked each other(really, this in necessary?). My boy thought it was downright hilarious that they get a 2 minute warning, and time outs. haha.

But one thing that I noticed today, was how much players pointed and looked to the heavens everytime something went their way. Why? I won’t go into a rant as much as I used to, but it was fucking funny! If there is a god, um, I’m pretty sure he didn’t just help you catch the stupid football and get a touchdown. I am also pretty sure that the quarterback didn’t pray before the game to let god move his arm and throw that perfect pass…If there was a god, and he answers prayers, why is your selfish ass getting yours answered?

If this god was all good and shit, which prayer would you think he would answer? God, help me catch this football on national TV so I can be a star. Or, god, help end poverty and violence.

It is ultra silly. One moment I recall, a Pittsburgh Steelers player gets a touchdown and looks to heaven. But not more than 15 minutes later, they lost the fucking game! What kind of stupid prayer did this player do? Please god, let me get a touchdown, but let the other team win? Get real…

I have friends that hack me for watching real football(soccer), but after today I realize that American football is not a sport at all, so why bother getting into an argument about it? We are not even talking apples and oranges here. American football is a caricature of sport. It is becoming more and more like professional wrestling.

The Super Bowl is stupid. Ok fanboys, flame away…

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Do God and Hitler Have Some Similarities?

It has been a while since I have had Jehovah Witnesses come to my door, or people try and convince me of how great God is. With all the craziness in the economy, people losing their jobs, and the rich stealing from the poor, I have lost some focus! It has been a while since I rambled and raved about the insanity of religion. I must be getting soft!


So, when I saw this fantastic list drawn up over at Thebeattitude I was once again happy. One must never let your guard down when it comes to the fucked up Bible…In fact, the site compares God with Hitler. Kind of scary, the amount of similarities! I have only posted 5 of the 14 in the list to encourage you to check out the remainder at their site…

The following is a partial list of genocide acted out by a god attempting to create a perfect race of chosen people:

1. Drowns the entire earth.
God floods the earth and kills every living creature. Except for the one family that was good enough to spare. Genesis 7:21–23
2. Destroys two cities with fireballs from the sky.
God kills everyone in Sodom and Gomorrah by reigning fire from the sky. Genesis 19:24
3. Slaughters every Egyptian firstborn child to punish a stubborn king. Exodus 12:29
4. Ordered Moses to kill 3,000 Israelites for worshiping a golden calf. Exodus 32:19-35
5. Kills half a million people.
God helps the men of Judah kill 500,000 of their fellow Israelites. 2 Chronicles 13:15–18

Click here for the rest of the list!

Ask yourself, What if God Disappeared?

Here is another tongue in cheek video by Edward Current, asking the big questions about God. Damn, he’s good…

And, here is a video on a Proof that Jesus is Imaginary…

To finish off, here are a couple of pictures I have posted in the past to secure my place in Hell!



Science, Politics, and Religion, oh my!

I found this great article on the top 5 reasons evolution and global warming nay-sayers don’t get science. It is well written, and there is even a rebuttal by an intelligent design proponent for you to see what creationists “argue” is fact. Once again, a poor understanding of the scientific method…

All too often we are “treated” to yet another story about some ’study’ that has definitively refuted Evolution or Anthropogenic Climate Change. Generally the mere claim tells you with 99.99% certainty that the ’study’ is wrong or grossly misrepresented. The very idea that a single study could disprove either is improbable in the extreme…

Click here for more… Evolution / Global Warming Deniers just don’t get it « Greenfyre’s

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Is there truth in Advertising? Not Often.

Welcome back to all you that thought that the site was gone!,  and should now come directly here! I thought that was the case before, but I am no network admin…

On to more important things! I have been savings a couple of advertising pics for a while, and to lighten things up with all the messed up markets and wars out there, today is your lucky day!!

Capitalism is excellent at rewarding companies that lie to consumers to buy their products. Here are a couple of obvious deceptive ads.



Heinz was correct in saying that “most men” have stopped beating their wives! Unless those wives make boring meals!


Truth in advertising rarely happens. Kids toys always look wicked on the box, with shooting lasers, bombs blowing shit up, etc…Are we setting our kids up for a lifetime of disappointment when what comes out of the box is just a pile of plastic crap?


At least the following poster tells the truth!!!


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