Could Aliens Irradicate Religion?

The search for extraterrestrial life has brought about the debate on what would happen to our earthly religions once meeting the little green men? Find below a good article on the topic at hand. I think that if ET came down to earth, it would fuck up a lot of what people believe in…I would welcome the event!!

[From Christian Theologians Prepare for Extraterrestrial Life ]

An “interesting” study is showing that the more intelligent a person is, the less likely they are to believe in God. Though the study is being branded as too simplistic, I will take this moment to feel smart. OK, glad that passed…;)

[From Intelligent people ‘less likely to believe in God’ – Telegraph]

On to a more serious topic. Homosexuality brings up a lot of feelings in people. Some people hate gay people, some feel threatened by their lifestyle, others feel that it is just a mental illness. Genetic scientists have been trying to find a “gay gene”. I think that it would be great if they found one, so that religious groups won’t try to change people and make them straight through prayer and confession…And maybe they will just be left alone to live a normal life. If you like people of the same sex, go have fun, find someone compatible, and enjoy the one life you have.

I in fact had 2 ex-girlfriends that decided that they liked women more than men(who can blame them really…). They seemed to be far happier once they were able to find someone like them.

[From Psychology Today: Finding the Switch]

And in another “spooky” coincidence, graces us with a spot on comic…



Faith Fighter

I was over at my friend Peter’s house a while back having a few beers, and he broke out Street Fighter. I can’t remember which character I played, but out of sheer luck and hitting a bunch of buttons really quickly, I won. It was quite exciting!

Well, I have finally found the best version of Street Fighter out there. It is free, can be played inside a browser, and you can also download it if you choose. It is Faith Fighter. You can play as quite a few different deities; God, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, etc…If you look hard, you may even see the Flying Spaghetti Monster make an appearance!

Give it a go!

Your Brain on God

I have always felt that God was a made up thing, and could never buy in to the hoax. For some people apparently, that is not the case. Scientists are now looking at a theory that believing in God is “all in your head”. This explains a lot800px-easter-eggs-11 of people I have come to know in my time…A crazy old boss who told you one thing only to give me shit for doing it. She was born again, and felt God’s presence. A courier friend of mine that was a huge pot head. He “found” God…Probably after a hit from the Bong… An ex-girlfriend that went from stripper to legal secretary, and had commitment problems. She was a born again Christian too…
The stronger the person’s belief, the more I doubt that they are OK in the head, or are really looking for some help. Sad. None of these people were bad, but they were vulnerable and impressionable. Kind of like children are. Hence, I think that religion preys on weakness, and we should all be wary…Avoid it like a loan from the mafia…

Wired 7.11: This Is Your Brain on God:

Have a good chocolaty filled day with the stealthy bun-bun…