I want to learn a Programming Language. Any Suggestions?

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I have a weird obsession with computers. I love them. I love Linux. I love customizing my computer.

I have taken a couple of courses in the past. A free online HTML course, and a Perl course at a local college. But, they were just introductions to the wider world of programming languages

The problem I have is that I really don’t know where to start! There are frickin’ TONS of different languages out there. What one makes the biggest bang for your buck? If I learn one, will I have an easy time learning others?

I have been following the LifehackerLearn How to Code‘ week, where they suggest you start with Java. I have started reading C_Programming from Wikibooks. But at the same time I really love using the Terminal, so I’ve started a course on Bash online. Too much at the same time…

So I am looking for suggestions. Anyone?


Why did I start blogging? Why do I continue?

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Why did I start blogging? This question has a few meanings to me. Why did I start a blog in the first place? I really can’t remember the reason I started. It has been over 4 years I think. I believe I started after getting the idea to re-live my university years and wanted to create a web presence. So I bought my old radio announcer name, larrinski. I owned my own domain! Woot! larrinski.org was born.

I really had nothing to say though. Much like when I was on the air! haha. Sometime I question if I still do, but back then it was pretty grim. I didn’t know how to add images to a post, or how to even do hyperlinks. I used the blog as a way to share funny things with people, and make comments about the world around me. Essentially, what I post on Twitter and Facebook now. I have always had a fascination with computers and I took the opportunity to learn about HTML, Perl, FTP, etc…

I got the great idea that I was getting a following and boy, I thought I was witty! I had better start saying something important, damn it. I bought my 2nd domain, atheist.nu, and started posting all about religion, science, evolution and attempted to be an authority on atheism. Apparently, other than a few people that followed me on various webrings, I attracted no audience. My aggressive atheism was funny for me, but my social life was suffering…lol.

I continued along this vein for a couple of years and bought my 3rd domain, end-of-silence.org. It was my attempt to speak out about the militaristic and evangelical religious movement taking over the USA. George W. Bush was one of my favourite targets, but let’s be honest, he was for every blogger out there. Hence, I had no one visiting the site. But, man did I ever do lots of posting. I started using blogging as an excuse to not deal with my personal life. I spent my lunches researching and coming up with content, and the evenings not talking to my then-wife( now ex-wife…). Looking back to that stage of my blog, the frustrations in my life came out in my obvious passion in debating and even arguing with people about religion, intelligent design, evolution and anything else that bothered me!

Crap, I’m seeing a theme here. No one gave a shit whether I had a web site, including EVERYONE around me. lol. What was I? 1 in 10,000,000 blogs out there? I essentially gave up.

What changed? Almost 2 years later I have started getting a bit of a following online, and enjoy blogging a lot! Why? Because, I decided that I don’t give a shit if I get 1 visitor or 500 in a day. I also decided that I wasn’t going to blog about just one thing. Atheism, religion, technology. Why get so bent out of shape? I don’t care about what people believe so much anymore. I can let it slide(most of the time…). So, I got rid of all my themed sites, atheist.nu, end-of-silence.org, and larrinski.org, and just bought my name. The real me. pakos.me. I decided I was going to blog about whatever comes to mind. If you like it, great! If not, maybe it will start a dialogue.

Why did I start the WordPress.com challenge Postaday2011? Why did I start daily blogging? Good question! It’s like, OMG!!Why did I sign up for this? Because I like blogging. Sometimes it feels easy to come up with a post. Other days(like yesterday), I had to scramble for a topic to write. Kind of like when I was in school. There are days when I feel like the night before an essay assignment is due at school. You remember those days? You stare at a blank page (a blank post in this case), and have to come up with something? I have to write an essay everyday now! It is a unique challenge, and I think I am up for it. Today I have gone 18 days straight. A record for me.

Thanks for checking out the site, I appreciate it…Let me know what you think. What topics have you followed here and want me to write more about? GTD, evolution, atheism, corporate overlords? If I’m gonna post everyday all year, I need some assistance from my loyal 3 visitors. 😉