Creationism is Bullshit, by Penn & Teller

I can’t believe that I haven’t seen this video yet! Just add it to my list of great “bullshit” videos I have posted on the site! Enjoy!
Penn & Teller Creationism Bullshit


“cdesign proponentsists”=brilliant!

The other night my wife and I watched a great show on Nova about the Intelligent Design movement and their attempt to be added to the science classroom in the States. Oh how they failed!

cdesign proponentsists is a brilliant transitional fossil between the creationists and their re-branded intelligent design that was un-earthed during the trial. I almost cried, it was so beautiful.

Maybe I waste too much time dwelling on the creationist movement, but I do get a chuckle from their lame understanding of the scientific method and what a theory is. I am sure you have heard the term,”evolution is JUST a theory”. Yup, me too…

If you missed the program, here is a link to the NOVA page so you can watch all 12 chapters.

Intelligent Design on Trial

Perhaps we should just ignore them, and they’ll go away? Probably not. They are conspiring every Sunday to convert everyone, just like my son’s old daycare provider. 😉

Science, Politics, and Religion, oh my!

I found this great article on the top 5 reasons evolution and global warming nay-sayers don’t get science. It is well written, and there is even a rebuttal by an intelligent design proponent for you to see what creationists “argue” is fact. Once again, a poor understanding of the scientific method…

All too often we are “treated” to yet another story about some ’study’ that has definitively refuted Evolution or Anthropogenic Climate Change. Generally the mere claim tells you with 99.99% certainty that the ’study’ is wrong or grossly misrepresented. The very idea that a single study could disprove either is improbable in the extreme…

Click here for more… Evolution / Global Warming Deniers just don’t get it « Greenfyre’s

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Breaking down an Evolution textbook made by the ID movement

If I have one fear about my kid going through school, it is that the Christian right will have successfully mislead the public to allow creationism into the Science classroom.

800px-textbookIt is happening in the States, and has some steam. With our crazy right wing leaders Harper, and in BC Gordon Campbell, it seems more likely than I can remember. Let’s hope it stays in the USA.

Arstechnica goes over one of these “textbooks” to see what all the fuss is about, and talks all about the politics of getting God back into the classroom in a sly(read sleezy) fashion.

Evolution has been singled out for special ire by Discovery, as it provides an explanation for the origin of humanity based solely on natural processes. Although the ID movement has not developed a research program or even proposed a scientific formulation of its ideas, it has gotten a surprising amount of traction with its attack on the science of evolution. Tapping into a rich vein of American thought that dates back roughly a century, the group’s members have used popular books and appearances in the press to argue that the scientific theory of evolution is on the verge of abandonment, having been pushed to its most recent “inevitable” collapse by new molecular evidence.

[From A biologist reviews an evolution textbook from the ID camp: Page 1 ]

As my readers know, evolution is going to continue on whether we like it or not! So, here is an article about the evolution of whales. It is fascinating that they are mammals that returned to the ocean. That is so cool!

[From It’s All In The Hips: Early Whales Used Well Developed Back Legs For Swimming, Fossils Show]080917210028-large

To finish off, here is a link to the most popular game on the Internet!!!!The Flying Spaghetti Monster Game…Though I had linked to it long ago, it deserves a fresh introduction!

Science class was missed one too many times

Find below a video by an angry lady who thinks that a rainbow in a sprinkler is a new phenomenon that never happened 20 years ago.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring up that science needs to be taught in the classroom. When we rely on the bible and religion to explain natural phenomenon, we eventually get leaders running our countries that grew up learning science from a three thousand year old book. There is no doubt that the science community is having to fight the creationist movement to keep their crazy ideas away from children. Make sure it doesn’t happen in your community!

Henry Rollins on Intelligent Design

You know it is going to be good when I can use Henry Rollins, evolution, and intelligent design in one sentence!!

Here is a nice Youtube video by none other…

Belief in God a ‘product of human weaknesses’

I won’t get into the details of Einstein and whether he believed in God or not. I think he generally respected various religious foundations, and had an intimate knowledge of how the universe worked, unlike the majority of the world. He was one smart cookie, and didn’t want to be labelled as being a believer or an atheist. In fact, he got quite annoyed when people on both sides of the fence tried to make him their own. It is OK to not decide…A new letter written by Einstein has surfaced bringing more light on the mind of a genius…

[From Belief in God a ‘product of human weaknesses’: Einstein letter]

I talked the other day about Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. Here is, and Rudis’ critique.


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