Science and your children

Sorry for taking a couple of days off! I realized that I haven’t posted since the weekend! I have had a couple of small computer things this week, and I have been playing a lot with the new Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 LTS. It rocks! I have it installed under Parallels on my Macbook and it is a very mature OS. I have said in the past that if you have a Windoze box, go check out Ubuntu to “completely” replace Windows. It really is that good!

On to more of the topics at hand. The pope has said in the past that the Roman Catholic Church is OK with evolution. A university biologist says that evolution and belief in God can go hand in hand. Though I personally don’t agree that a God started it all, at least the article is an attack on Intelligent Design, and the fucking craziness going on in the educational system in the USA.

Francisco J. Ayala – Evolution – Scientists Who Believe in God – – New York Times:

If you have any kids or have been in their presence for a period of time, you may have noticed their intense nature, and curious minds. My child is always trying out experiments. Kids are naturally scientific. If you can do one good thing for your child, don’t take them to brain washing on Sunday at the local church, but expose them to the natural world! They will thank you for it later. Here is an article on the importance of getting kids to dig science!

Comment: We need a Nobel prize for kids – opinion – 29 April 2008 – New Scientist:

Seeing that I am talking about science & how important it is, here is a well written article on the 10 most important science experiments! A good read…

Top ten greatest experiments – Telegraph:

Over at Obscure store, we see that people have decided to pray for lower gas prices! Good luck with that. Idiots.

Obscure Store and Reading Room: Pray-in participants ask God to for cheaper gas prices:

As per normal, I try to add some content from I love the latest. A bit of a play on Mac vs. PC…


And lastly, here is a nice comic summarizing the war on terror…



Which Big Bang do you mean?

The Big Bang is an amazing theory about the beginnings of the universe. It has a strong hold amongst scientists. Here is a relatively new idea that the Big Bang happens over and over again. I think it is pretty cool, and makes sense.

Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn’t the Beginning. What do you think?

Another great topic that scientists and intelligent design groups like to “debate” is that nature seemsbig_bang to show some form of design. Well, it turns out that biologists seem to feel that evolution does use certain successful designs over and over again. Do they finally agree? The big difference is that scientists don’t think an “invisible man” made those designs.

Science Centric | News | There is ‘design’ in nature, Brown biologist argues:

castroAnd on a final note, Fidel Castro resigned today. He has put on a long fight against the big kid in the schoolyard. Even though many feel he wasn’t a great leader, I feel he deserves some respect.