Remember the Milk gets a refresh on the iPhone! Sweet!

Remember the Milk (RTM) came out with a long overdue iPhone update today! And it is really nice. I recommend that if you haven’t signed up for RTM, you should right now! It is the best online and mobile To Do List and Task Manager out there…

I took a few minutes to do some screen shots of the refreshed interface. One of the nice new features is the ability to use a swiping gesture to go back to your main menu. All in all a very nice update. The only thing missing is Continue reading “Remember the Milk gets a refresh on the iPhone! Sweet!”


Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware

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I have mentioned a few times on here that I am a Linux user. I love it! It’s the operating system by the people, for the people…lol. I have grown to love the developers and users of the open source community, and whenever I read about Microsoft or Apple doing their dirty work to make sure others don’t benefit from the Linux experience, it makes me angry. Continue reading “Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware”

New ToDo.txt Touch iOS App Screenshots and first impressions

Today I was sorting through some past articles to share on Twitter and came across my review of the recently developed ToDo.txt. back in Feb 2011. I wanted to see if the project was still running and whether my links were working, and lo and behold there is a fresh update! It looks like only a couple of days ago they released the iOS version!

I am such a sucker for new apps like this, so I went and grabbed my iPhone and went over to the App Store. There it was, $1.99! Continue reading “New ToDo.txt Touch iOS App Screenshots and first impressions”

Using Technology to get fit? Tell me what you use!

I’ve been trying to get in better running shape at the same time as try to maintain the

Keep on Running (Milli Vanilli song)
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fitness I had during the earlier part of the year when I had way more time to mountain bike ride.

With my toddler becoming more active, and destroying our house on a daily basis, by the time my work day is done, I try to get home as soon as possible to relieve my wife. It has really effected my fitness levels.

One thing I’ve never used is my iPhone to help me get fit. I have typically used it to play good music while I ride or run. But, smartphones nowadays can be so much more… I follow someone on Twitter that uses Strands Fitness on his phone to track his routes and progress.

So, I ask you, my three readers, what mobile apps do you use to track your fitness progress?

A great day for RTM & Siri and Google Apps on Google+

After the newest iPhone4S came out and the new iOS5, it has seemed to be a series of

Siri HAL-9000

boring announcements one after another. Today I read a couple of articles that got me more excited.

The first being Remember the Milk adding Siri support for adding tasks! There are two reasons why this excites me. The first is that Siri is a great new voice activated technology Apple released. As I don’t have the iPhone 4S, it doesn’t really apply to me, but that’s not the point. Continue reading “A great day for RTM & Siri and Google Apps on Google+”

Just upgraded my iPhone in iOS5. It works as advertised!

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I am a sucker for new ‘free’ software updates. My iPhone is no exception. I normally update my software, whether it’s on my Linux laptop or my phone on a fairly regular basis.

I jailbroke my iPhone a while ago but it was feeling a bit sluggish, and I wasn’t really using much of the features or applications to justify holding off on this update.

The only hiccup I had was that because of the jailbreak, iTunes couldn’t just do an upgrade from iOS4 to iOS5. It had to reset my phone back to factory settings first. And as such my music on the phone was wiped off.

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening getting my music back on the phone for my ride tomorrow night.

Good night!


My Moleskine – Remember the Milk System. Old vs New.

I have been thinking about my information workflow recently, and more specifically have started to examine what works best to control the flow of data that comes my way throughout my work day, and make sure I record it.


Remember the Milk
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I have two parallel information systems running in my life. The first is my Remember the Milk GTDish system where I document all the important stuff I need to recall later on. Birthdays, appointments, grocery lists, multi-step projects like mortgage applications. Anything that isn’t done on the fly or during the day, gets dated, context added, etc…I use RTM for pretty much everything I need to do or remember in my personal life. I also flag future reminders(tickler list) and my Waiting-For list for both work and pleasure. But not everything seems to go in there… Continue reading “My Moleskine – Remember the Milk System. Old vs New.”