Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.

I love my iPhone. But I also hate it. Why do I hate it? Well, Apple tells me what to do.

I’m OK to be told what to do by my boss, my fiancée, the nice police officer that pulls me over for running a stop sign. But not a company that I PAID money to use their product.

I switched over to Linux last year, and have never looked back. I have moved to open source so that if a solution or idea presents itself on the software front, there is probably a developer somewhere making it. And, releasing the source code to help others spread the love. Continue reading “Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.”


Can we possibly keep up with the Speed of Modern Technology?

Compact Disc player carousel for three CDs.
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What will be the next big thing? The Facebook killer? The iPhone killer? The MySpace killer? Oh, wait MySpace is dead…

I read articles all the time about the death of some site, technology, OS, or gadget. It seems just like yesterday that the iPod came out. Some of the technology that has died I’ve never even heard of!

I went to a concert the other night, and the musician gave me his CD. It was really nice of him. I felt like I was getting a present. But, when I got home, I was like, ‘what am I going to do with it?’. Continue reading “Can we possibly keep up with the Speed of Modern Technology?”

Is Technology your Good Witch or Bad Witch?

Evil witches
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I have a project I need to finish. Not because I really have to, but because I said I would to someone I never met. Many months ago I got an email from Stever Robbins’ assistant/publisher/helper to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing his upcoming book, ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More‘. I said sure! Send me a copy of the book and I’ll review it on my blog…The irony of commiting to reviewing the book is that I need the time to read the book, rarely read paper books as I’m a computer gunkie, and can’t seem to get to the task, and I don’t have the time management tools available to me to Work Less and Do More…Yet. Continue reading “Is Technology your Good Witch or Bad Witch?”

I just activated a new Theme. Um, again. But there’s problems…

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I really like the Duster theme that got launched today, and tried it out right away! I really like the new Featured Post option and the ability to manually add articles to my sidebar that I want to drive traffic to.

But I am having issues with the theme. I am waiting for some help on the WordPress.com Forums(which are excellent BTW), but until I get some answers, I thought I would ask my questions here in case my 4 readers can help. 😉 Continue reading “I just activated a new Theme. Um, again. But there’s problems…”

Write a Private Journal? Why not use WordPress to access it anywhere?

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I have been writing a journal/diary for quite a while. I find it helps me work through problems, think things out and  I enjoy going back over time and reading what I have gone through, and to re-live important times in my life. Nothing new, as I am sure a lot of you write a private diary.

One thing that I have had a hard time maintaining, is a place to keep it safe and be able to access and write in it wherever I am. There is no purpose to having a journal if I am never at a place where I can access it…And, I don’t like having a hand written journal for the world to see. Well, maybe one day when I write my memoires. lol.

I tried using Dropbox to store a plain text file, but I need to download it when I am on a public computer or someone else’s computer. There are a few iPhone solutions to combine Dropbox text files and editing, but not ideal solutions. If I am downloading my private journal everywhere then it’s not much of a private journal then is it?

With my journal layout, I have my most recent entry at the top. That was familiar to me for some reason? Kind of backwards to the way a book is written… Why? Because we all blog that way! A light bulb went off for me…

Why don’t I just import my journal into WordPress as a private page? So I did. It works great! Anywhere I can access my blog, I have access to my journal! I have WordPress on my iPhone as well so I can access and edit it there too! Essentially, I now take my journal with me everywhere I go…I also love the full page visual editor, so I can type in full screen mode and avoid the clutter.

I am sure that others have already thought of this, but I love when I come up with my own solution, and I thought I would share my small eureka moment with you!

If you do decide to set up your own private journal, just remember to edit your visibility settings under your Publish tab to private, or with password, and not public. That would just be embarrassing…

Now off to continue my memoires…

GTDAgenda Split Tasks/Lists/Projects into 3 New Apps

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For those that follow my blog, you may know I use the Getting Things Done system by David Allen to try and organize my personal and business life. There are many different companies that are attempting to get it right by melding on online web interface with mobile access. I received an email recently from the developer of GTDagenda with some upcoming news. Here is what they have in the works!

We are expanding our product line with 3 new products: YouProjects, YouTasks and YouChecks. We’d like to have the best personal-productivity-suite on the web, and we think this move fits perfectly with our goal.

All three new products work on the same infrastructure as Gtdagenda, but they are simpler and targeted for SPECIFIC needs.

YouProjects is Project management with collaboration and email integration.

YouTasks is To-dos/Tasks manager.

YouChecks ia manager for your Routines, or things that must be done regularly.

A quick comparison on all our products can be seen on this page:

I have looked at all 3 apps and I like the concept! Many people aren’t looking for a full GTD solution, or care to implement that system. But there are tons of people looking for a useful ticklist, or want to keep track of various projects. I like youtasks. Making lists is fun, and youtasks is a simple way to keep track of various lists. I wonder if GTDagenda will be making iPhone apps for each of these, or if the mobile interface will be it?

I have commented on GTDagenda in the past. I notice that they have been putting some development effort into an iPhone and Android app. The iPhone app is $3.99, and looks really nice! One complaint I have is that their web interface needs a major update! For existing users, I suppose you are used to it, but if GTDAgenda wants to attract new users, they need some freshing up…GTDagenda charges for their service and has many price points for various needs. I signed up for their free account however I needed more contexts and projects, so I didn’t upgrade.

Great job though on coming up with a full suite of products for various needs!

What GTD solution do you use? If you are a GTDagenda user, are these new solutions useful for you? Do you see yourself using them to simplify the online interface?

First Post from WordPress.com on my iPhone

Today was a crappy snow day around my neck of the woods. I haven’t had power, water, or been able to get more than 500m down my road in my car for 24 hours. Pretty crappy for a kid from the suburbs! We luckily have a wood stove, some Starbucks Via, and a BBQ for some hamburgers.

This year I’ve got a goal of a post a day, which so far has been going well. I hadn’t taken into account that there may be days that I may not have access to my computers!

Good thing WordPress.com has a few different ways to post to one’s blog. I figure that since this exercise is a way to challenge me to write more, I might at well use each and every method over the year!

Today I am posting from the WordPress.com iPhone app. Not that I was expecting to, but now that my fiancee and I have drained the remaining power from our laptops, and we still have no electricity, Internet, and our coffee grinder is not operating, I am down to my desperate last options. Luke warm tea, and my iPhone. “There’s an app for that?” Yup. The wordpress.com app. You can post to your blog, edit them, approve comments, write or edit pages. Tons of things!

This year I have a lot on my plate. Getting married being the biggest one. The next being to finish Stever Robbin’s book, 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More and write my review. 😉

There are a couple of other ways to write a post that am looking forward to trying out. You can email it in, and the coolest way is to phone it in! I can’t wait to see how that works…so as the need arises, I will post about my experience using them.

Well, off to stoke the fire and pretend I live in the 19th century, with an iPhone…