My old fountain pen lives!

IMAG2674 A couple of years ago, I blogged about my trusty old fountain pen that I purchased when I first attended university in the late 80’s. (  It has followed me around over the years through various careers, kids, and umpteen moves.

In the age of the internet, with many people discussing and worrying about the death of handwriting; it was ironic that my pen would be reborn and live again! Ya, that is probably the first time I have mentioned being reborn on this site… 😉

My blog post above must have attracted the interest of someone in the Netherlands (thank you Google…), and one day I received a message from Rachel, saying she also had an old Elysee fountain pen! She wasn’t using the nib anymore, and offered to send it to me for the cost of shipping!!

Here it is! nib

I received it a couple of months ago, and wanted to say a big Thank You to Rachel for breathing new life into my old friend. 🙂


Photo of the day – I got irony for Christmas

This year my wife and I decided to keep Christmas simple and focus instead on the kids! But we did get each other a small present each. My present had the greatest irony, getting the Christopher Hitchens book “God in not Great”.

I’ve not been one to be good at figuring out when something is ironic, but to get an anti-religious author’s book at Christmas has got be irony. Or how about getting an anti-religious book by a famous dead author on the very day that Jesus was supposed to have been born? Or that I got a present at all when I wasn’t supposed to and that it was about all of the above? Triple irony? Does it even exist?

I’m quite excited to read the book(when time allows!). I’m sure it will make for some thought provoking blog posts in 2012!

Now I’m off to enjoy a nice dinner at my mother-in-law’s.

Merry whatever you celebrate!

2008 Darwin Awards are here!!!

The annual Darwin awards are here for our enjoyment! Much like last year, the list is impressive, and the priest that won kind of adds a bit of irony to this year’s contest…being Darwin awards and all! For those that missed my posting last year, here it is!(2007 Darwin Award Winner!)

[From Darwin Awards: 2008 Darwin Awards]