Fukushima, Hurricane Katrina, and the BP Oil Spill. Does anyone care?

The Fukushima 1 NPP
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I question why the mainstream media isn’t continuously reporting the nuclear disaster in Japan? Reports now suggest that the radiation levels are the highest they’ve been since the Tsunami.

It makes me wonder if the media has any obligation to report important news at all? Or, are they only accountable to their shareholders to make profits? If the story doesn’t sell newspapers or gain subscribers, do they not bother to publish the story? Continue reading “Fukushima, Hurricane Katrina, and the BP Oil Spill. Does anyone care?”


There’s No Such Thing as Safe Radiation

Japan Nuclear Explosions
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I just read a good article over at Gizmodo about radiation. As with everything, people make important decisions in their life by taking calculated risks. The same thing applies with radiation.

The following article talks about why it’s OK to be exposed to radiation if you are the one making the calculated choices. Things like CT Scans, MRIs, X-Rays, Dental X-Rays. But, to be exposed to potentially unsafe levels of radiation because some company decides that it is a risk THEY are willing to take for you, is not so good.

There’s No Such Thing as Safe Radiation.

What are your thoughts on the big Japanese nuclear mess?

Visualized: xkcd explains radiation. Don’t flippin’ panic already…

The danger classification sign of radioactive ...
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I am not one to panic. I suppose part of it is genetic. Baby choking? Don’t panic. About to hit a tree on my bike? Don’t panic. Most of the time it is a good thing to keep a level head, take that extra 1/2 second and think. In this way, I am much like my dad.

But some people panic at the most ridiculous things…For example, people in North America are buying iodine tablets in such high quantities that there is now a shortage. Why? Because they are panicking. Continue reading “Visualized: xkcd explains radiation. Don’t flippin’ panic already…”

The Power of the Ocean. Insane.

I haven’t blogged too much about the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan, however I did want to share this video with you filmed during the Tsunami. It is insane.Scary insane. If you’ve ever been surfing, or swimming, and got tossed by a 5 foot wave, you know how powerful the ocean is. The video demonstrates it! Watch in awe. (Sorry, but the embed code wouldn’t stick, so just click the link…)


What videos have you seen that blow your mind?

Wikileaks and Why People Deserve the Truth

Internationally recognized symbol.
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One thing that people can’t stand, is a liar. When a person lies to you, and you know they’ve lied,  you lose trust in them. Governments and corporations are no different!

The big Wikileaks revelations have been out for a few months now, giving the public an inside look at international diplomacy, and all the backroom dealings of governments and corporations around the world. Continue reading “Wikileaks and Why People Deserve the Truth”

Igor retired from hurricane list. Is that a good thing?

Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near i...
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I don’t understand the naming structure for hurricanes. My question is…WHY name them?

The recent tsunami in Japan, that rumbled across the Pacific didn’t have a name, did it? Why do hurricanes?

I live on the west coast of Canada, and we get some great storms coming our way. Should we name them?No! Of course not…

What about the poor people who have the same name as a famous hurricane? When people are introduced to a Katrina, the conversation will inevitably head to New Orleans. Fair? No.

Come up with a new identifying system for hurricanes. OK? The existing naming system is stupid.

All the Igor‘s of the world can breathe a sigh of relief though that they won’t be used to describe any future disasters…

Igor retired from hurricane list – World – CBC News.

Cool Stuff Happened on Pi Day, and I missed it…

Archimedes pi
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There has been lots of tragic and sad news coming out of Japan. At some point my fascination with tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns and earthquakes starts to wear off. What I mean is that like most people, I am awe struck at the power of nature, but then reality kicks in, and seeing people suffer makes me sad. Then, I don’t want to know anymore about it, and it starts to disturb me.

To counteract all this, I am going out of my way to find cool news stories. What better day than Pi day? I missed Pi day this year, but the good news is that news doesn’t disappear. It’s archived in Google Reader…Here are some interesting Pi day stories I thought I would share with you.

There you go. Interesting and quirky stories I missed on Pi Day…