Can you separate Christian religion from Jesus? This video has the answer…

I’ve been reading Christopher Hitchen’s book “God is not Great”, and while reading it, I’ve been tweeting some of my favourite quotes from the book. In response to one of my tweets, a person shared their video with me on why you can’t separate Christianity, the religion, from it’s founder Jesus. His main point is that if you follow Jesus as your spiritual leader, you have to accept the rest of the ‘teachings’ of the bible. The good with the bad.

I enjoyed it, and thought I would share it with you…


Photo of the day – I got irony for Christmas

This year my wife and I decided to keep Christmas simple and focus instead on the kids! But we did get each other a small present each. My present had the greatest irony, getting the Christopher Hitchens book “God in not Great”.

I’ve not been one to be good at figuring out when something is ironic, but to get an anti-religious author’s book at Christmas has got be irony. Or how about getting an anti-religious book by a famous dead author on the very day that Jesus was supposed to have been born? Or that I got a present at all when I wasn’t supposed to and that it was about all of the above? Triple irony? Does it even exist?

I’m quite excited to read the book(when time allows!). I’m sure it will make for some thought provoking blog posts in 2012!

Now I’m off to enjoy a nice dinner at my mother-in-law’s.

Merry whatever you celebrate!

What does Christmas mean to you?

I’ve had a few interesting conversations lately about Christmas and all the fuss going on online about protecting Christmas as a Christian holiday, and people freaking out about saying “Happy Holidays”. I’m pretty open with everyones beliefs but I have a hard time with being told what to celebrate or what to say.

So today I thought I’d post a short video of some of our current “Christmas” traditions and how they didn’t originate with Christians.

What does Christmas mean to you? For me it is a time to get together with family and live the holidays through my kid’s eyes. It’s not about Christ for me at all…

Photo of the Day – Image in the wood.

This morning I got up really early! Thanks to my baby. 🙂
Just as I was about to take my first sip of coffee, I noticed something on the floor. A perfect water spill.
I have taken great pleasure watching news broadcasts and videos online of when people come across images of Jesus. You’ve seen them. Jesus in toast. Jesus in the bark of a tree. Jesus on the side of a garage. Jesus on the butt of a dog. The Virgin Mary weeping blood. They are miracles, right? lol.
What impresses me even more is all the holy rollers that do the pilgrimage to the place the image showed up and pray for a miracle. People are so desperate to believe, that they take some blurry image of a bearded dude as god speaking to them. I actually think it’s kind of crazy. And sad.

That was until today.

I have Jesus’ hand on my dining room floor, giving me a signal that I’m Number 1! Look for yourself. You know I’m right. I’d invite you to come over and see it with your own eyes, but my 1 year old flopped around in the water and soaked it up with his pajamas.


Photo of the Day – Random Jesus Image

This week I hit a new blog milestone! I have had 50,000 visitors to the site! Thank you for coming back again and again this year!

Back tomorrow with more content. 🙂

So, the end of the World is coming? Tomorrow you say?

Jesus Coming Soon

Today, I am changing gears a bit. A warning for my one religious reader…It may not be pretty…

The people that believe that the world is going to end on May 21st are FUCKING IDIOTS! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Who joins these groups anyway? I get annoyed by these vocal religions that claim that Jesus is coming. Come on. Really? You believe that? The world is going to end? Continue reading “So, the end of the World is coming? Tomorrow you say?”

Jesus vs. Jeezus!

Once in a while I find a comic that summarizes all that is wrong with the modern Christian Right. Today I bring you “Jesus vs. Jeezus”. Not only is the comic great, the artist’s comments after are spot on. There has been a hard shift in the political spectrum in the last 15 to 20 years trying to overthrow many rights our parents and grandparents fought hard to get. Women’s rights, legalized abortion, birth control, keeping religion out of the classroom, separation of church and state, etc… Let’s not forget that…

Though I will post the comic for you, please go to the site to read the rest of the comments. Worth your time…