Hardcore Christian Christmas Concert

My kid has been hinting to us that we wouldn’t like the upcoming X-mas concert. He knows where I stand on God, Jesus, etc. It can be said now that we were warned! Holy Shit!

A Canadian Elementary School putting on a full X-mas concert all about the “Son of God”. The concert was all about baby Jesus(also mentioned as the lord of lords, the king of kings, the son of god, you get the idea), with songs about God, worshipping the Lord, the king, etc…I was seriously shocked. And even though I run this site, and wear my atheism on my sleeve, I consider myself very tolerant about people’s beliefs. If a local church wants to invite people to a play about their saviour, fill your boots. But, I will always debate people, challenge their un-questioned belief in the invisible man when they push it on me.

This concert was something I would expect to see if I attended Christmas Mass at a local church. NOT IN A PUBLIC SCHOOL!!!! What the hell was the school thinking? I will be writing the school district a letter to complain, and will post my progress. I really want to know why this play is tolerated in a public school that is not supposed to teach children religion.

It was sickening.

Maybe the following pics will lighten up my mood 🙂

The santa one is just tongue in cheek. He is much more fun than God…




International Free Speech has been lost today.

The United Nations has passed a resolution to ask countries to ban “defamation of religion”, and in particular Islam. This draft was put into place to protect the Islamic religion from being picked on as being called violent, and linked to terrorism. My response…


They have opened up a can of worms here. It is wrong to not allow for criticism of religion, politics, and to be able to disagree with those in power. As was mentioned in the attached article, human rights are for individuals, not the protection of religious institutions.

If we should ban anything, it should be the forcing of imaginary friends down everyone’s throats. It would be interesting to see all the countries that approved the resolution. It is sad that some of these religious governments will use the resolution to prosecute people that criticize it’s policies. Bad for free speech, bad for human rights, bad for women. The list goes on…

“Human rights were designed to protect individuals — to guarantee every person free speech and free exercise of religion — but most certainly not to shield any set of beliefs, religion included.”

[From Hooray for Denmark! – The Spine]

bong-hits-4-jesusThere was a bit of good news for free speech however. A school that suspended a student for 5 days for holding up a banner declaring “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” has been ordered to pay the student $45,000, and hold a forum on free speech. Looks like someone finally took a bong hit 4 Jesus, and chilled the fuck out 😉

Quiet Saturday Night. My thoughts.

I am having a quiet Saturday night, and there is nothing more pathetic than sitting around doing nothing at all, and trying to find some excitement on the Internet. So, having a couple of beers etc…I have come across the newest cectic.com comic! Wow. Some excitement! Here it is for you!


Does it say something about me, that I don’t even turn on the boob tube? I really can’t stand TV. Every 4 or 5 minutes someone is trying to sell me something. Other than the occasional soccer match on Saturday and Sunday morning, I don’t watch it. I don’t even know how much I pay a month for the privilege?? If my family didn’t watch so much, I would cancel it. Damn…

I know what a friend of mine is doing tonight! Good luck to my buddy ThePowerPlay, who just set up a blog about his gambling habit, or should I say, passion for poker! If you have an interest in online poker, he seems to know what he is talking about. 50% of his discussion is beyond me! Kind of like the looks I get when I talked about evolution…Huh?

Check it out!!!

Lastly, here are a couple of completely unrelated pics I found. The first is fucking hilarious! Haven’t we all been there at some point? The second is just a wicked pic. Would scare the shit out of me.



Have a good weekend!

Atheist Advertising for a Change!

I am so sick of the yearly Christian advertising. You know the ones. “Jesus is the reason for the season”,”Don’t take Christ out of Christmas”,etc…So I am delighted that some atheist groups have put up some funds for some Godless ads! The bus picture is from the article below.

[From BBC NEWS | England | London | ‘No God’ slogans for city’s buses]

Doing some image searches, I came up with some more good ones. I love the ex-wizardno_god one! How exactly does one become an ex-transsexual? Once a wizard, always a wizard I say.





Canada, say no to the Amero

I was watching the conspiracy movie Zeitgeist the other day about the plans of the Canadian, US, and Mexican business elite wanting to create one currency for North America. It is scary that a lot of the negotiations are done outside of the public eye and are not voted on by the people. Here is what Rick Mercer says about the idea put forth by TD Bank…

On the topic of the movie Zeitgeist. You can watch the entire thing on their website. The beginning of the movie does have some disturbing images, but the rest of the movie seems to shy away from shocking us in this way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. But, it is a thought provoking! I especially liked the break down of the myth of Jesus Christ. I could just imagine religious viewers squirming in their seats…I had heard quite a bit of the different conspiracies before, with the 9/11 cover up being the most prominant. I thought overall, it was an 8 out of 10. There you are! My first movie review at http://www.end-of-silence.org…

Evolution observed in a laboratory

Evolution has been observed many times in the past. It is normally quite a slow process, and many times genetic mutations are not passed on to future generations, so varying traits aren’t passed on, or if they are they may not be easily observed.

Now evolution has been observed in a laboratory! Here is a link to a full article on recent evolutionary studies in laboratory settings. As well, it goes on to demystify common misconceptions on evolution.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

So, was Darwin wrong? Here is the answer…


Maybe it is time atheists started to Advertise? I wonder what would happen?

From cectic.com


And lastly, here is a funny picture! At least I think so…


Darwin’s Joyful Journey of Discovery

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article on the voyage of Charles Darwin on his discovery of the concept of evolution. I love to read different versions of what happened during that period, and the challenges faced back in those days. Can you imagine how hard travelling across the Atlantic was not even 100 years ago? Now, we just fly over it in a few hours. Piece of cake…Oh how times have changed.

[From ‘Darwin’s Joyful Journey of Discovery’ by Steve Jones, Wall Street Journal – RichardDawkins.net]

I have talked about creationism quite often on the site, and feel it is a threat to scientific understanding. Having said that, I find the following comic hilarious. Not just because I think it is funny to see Jesus on a T-rex, but because there are people out there that drew this, and really believe it!


I have the newest comic from cectic.com…You can thank me later!