Faith Fighter

I was over at my friend Peter’s house a while back having a few beers, and he broke out Street Fighter. I can’t remember which character I played, but out of sheer luck and hitting a bunch of buttons really quickly, I won. It was quite exciting!

Well, I have finally found the best version of Street Fighter out there. It is free, can be played inside a browser, and you can also download it if you choose. It is Faith Fighter. You can play as quite a few different deities; God, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, etc…If you look hard, you may even see the Flying Spaghetti Monster make an appearance!

Give it a go!


Jesus Christ has outsourced prayer

Jesus has outsourced prayer to a customer service associate. He was having a hard time keeping up with all the prayers coming his way. Like any good business, he has hired a associate to handle the calls. Here is the article.

I am not convinced that home schooling is better than public or private schools. There is concern that the basic facts of evolution are not being taught to home schooled children. I feel that our public schools don’t talk too much about it as well. One college professor has mentioned in the article to follow, that evolution should be introduced as early as kindergarten. I completely agree. It’s what I do in my house! Parents seem to have no problem taking their kids off to church on Sunday to be brainwashed however…

Do You Teach Your Kids About Darwin? | Geekdad from “”


Global warming is something that most scientists feel is a fact, and not up for debate. All the news broadcasters are trying to scare us that the sea levels will rise and flood the world! Well, it turns out that we may get global warming and lower sea levels. Long term trends are showing that the sea levels are dropping, and all those pricey waterfront properties may be stranded in land some time in the future. Now I understand why it makes the news…Read on…

Have you ever wondered if the Universe is infinite? Me too…I can’t quite wrap my head around it, and this article doesn’t help me much…Interesting though!

Lastly, the Universe’s age is getting more and more accurate. It seems to be about 13.73 billion years old. +/-.12 billion years. Close enough:)