5 Things you Must do to be a Good Creationist!

Well, it looks like a theme has started in the last few days. It’s another pick on the Creationists video, passed on from my friend Kiyoshi. He seems to be my data mining assistant…He spends hours using Stumbleupon, eyes strained, going blind, and unable to tear himself away from that damn button…Thank you…

Here is a nice vid laying out how to be a good creationist. From what I’ve read, and seen, it looks like the US is the global leader in demonstrating these traits! Keep up the good work. Not.

A picture to sum it all up…



The What the F*ck Blacket

I had a great night out with friends(boat loads of tasty beers), and probably think this video is funnier than it really is, but none the less, here you go, the What the Fuck Blanket. It is the perfect parody of what I have been thinking all along…

Of course, it was provided by the lame Kiyoshi, that is too shy to post, but provides great shit…

New Terrorist Tactics by Kiyoshi

I have been spending a bit of time getting used to Twitter, and have been posting quite a few things on there. Make sure to get yourself an account, and look me up www.twitter.com/larrinski. I will be doing a weekly blog post on Saturday’s with all my tweets from the previous week!

For now, here are a couple of pictures provided by Kiyoshi the mysterious blogger that comes up with some funny and interesting things, but is too busy to do the post himself!

The theme is New Terrorist Tactics! The last one is my favourite.