My Refreshed Interest in Evernote

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I use a few different cloud based applications on a regular basis. I have discussed Dropbox before and how much I love it. As well, I use Google Apps to host my email, calendar, contacts and pretty much my life…In fact I wrote a blog post a while back about 4 Online Services I Can’t do Without!

Evernote was one of those services… Continue reading “My Refreshed Interest in Evernote”


Top 10 Clever Uses for Spare Thumb Drives [Lifehacker]

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Do you have a lot of spare USB drives lying around? Me too!

I have one that I have a mobile version of Firefox 4.0 on, and an IE Lastpass plugin. On another USB drive I have Ubuntu 10.10 that I can boot anywhere. Honestly I never use it, but I like having it installed there to use if needed.

I fell in love with the latest Victorinox USB Pocket Knive! I have to get one of those pretty soon…Maybe as a treat to myself for finishing the wedding invitations. 😉

Do you use a spare USB drive to transfer files back and forth? Keep mobile apps on?

If you don’t know what you could use all those spare drives for, Lifehacker just posted a Top 10 list of clever uses. Check it out!

Top 10 Clever Uses for Spare Thumb Drives.

My first attempt at a Post about a Poll! Fill it out…

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I have never tried a post completely around a poll. Lifehacker does it all the time! News sites. Same thing. Hundreds of people reply. It is supposed to tell you a bit about your readership. They seem popular…

So, here you go. My poll of the day. Probably my last one too! haha. Continue reading “My first attempt at a Post about a Poll! Fill it out…”

When you can’t decide what you like, choose Linux!

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I have used Linux off and on for 4 or 5 years. I finally did the big switch from OS X last year. I have many reasons why I have been attracted to it.  Open Source, free, comes with tons of applications that are also free. But, the biggest thing that I must have in an operating system is customization… Continue reading “When you can’t decide what you like, choose Linux!”

Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.

I love my iPhone. But I also hate it. Why do I hate it? Well, Apple tells me what to do.

I’m OK to be told what to do by my boss, my fiancée, the nice police officer that pulls me over for running a stop sign. But not a company that I PAID money to use their product.

I switched over to Linux last year, and have never looked back. I have moved to open source so that if a solution or idea presents itself on the software front, there is probably a developer somewhere making it. And, releasing the source code to help others spread the love. Continue reading “Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.”

Follow me on Twitter! Cool stuff there that doesn’t make it on the blog…

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I use Twitter to find quite a lot of my content for the blog. I also use it to find cool things I enjoy personally. Today I am going to share with you some of the tweets I’ve liked or retweeted recently. Follow me at! There you will find stuff that just doesn’t make it to the blog, as well as witty tweets like: Continue reading “Follow me on Twitter! Cool stuff there that doesn’t make it on the blog…”

How savy are you to all the Spam,Malware,Viruses out there?

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Over the last few weeks I have been watching quite a few friends and family get caught clicking things they shouldn’t be clicking. My mom hasn’t been on Facebook for a couple of months because they blocked her account after she ‘verified’ her Facebook account by clicking a link in an email. I fixed that for her today. Welcome back mom…

I have seen loads of intelligent friends posting on my profile with great offers of free trips, how to see who is stalking your profile, to sharing a heart wrenching tale of a girl that committed suicide after her dad posted something on her Facebook profile…

Everyone of them got duped. Why? Are people just naive about computer attacks and don’t understand the hell they are about to unleash by clicking ‘that link’? Are people just too trusting with information they get in their email inbox?

I have been online for about 20 years now and the only real threat I’ve seen personally is running Windows. I got hammered too many times when I had gliches with Trend Micro, and MacAfee and opened myself to viruses. Once I switched over to the Mac though, I never had issues. Same goes now that I’m running Linux…Am I just sceptical? Too sceptical?

But even switching operating systems doesn’t stop those times when someone convinces you to click a link, or to see new pictures of Brittany Spears boobs…haha.

If you are unsure of current threats, update your virus software if you are on Windows, and educate yourself.

Here are a few sites with up to date information of current exploits.

What sites or resources do you use to keep up to date on all the exploits? Did you switch to the Mac or Linux because of viruses?

Leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you…