Why I switched to Linux

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This post goes into a few reasons I have switched to Linux. I am running an Ubuntu 10.10 derivative called Pinguy OS. There are many reasons why people switch from Windows or OSX to Linux.

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Cost. This is a no brainer. Linux is free. Windows in not. OSX is not…So, if you are a cheap bastard, Linux is right up your alley!
  2. Security. Essentially all the virus panic attacks you hear about online aren’t in existence in Linux. Partially because of it’s unix based underpinnings, and partially because of it’s obscurity…
  3. Choice. You have your pick of hundreds of different Linux distributions(distros). The big ones are Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Mint, Debian, Gentoo. There is an almost unlimited choice of operating systems to choose from based on Linux.
  4. Speed. Linux runs fast on even the oldest of systems. Yes, there are some full featured distros that need up to date hardware to run snappy, but there are multiple different desktops you can choose from to make your old hardware seem new again.
  5. Freedom. Linux is based upon the notion that everyone should have access to the full operating system to tweak and optimize to their heart’s content. Locked down systems like Windows and OSX are controlled by large corporations. Linux is not. Have you ever had issues with old photo or document formats that don’t work anymore? Word? iPhoto? AAC? I have. It sucks. I want to make the decisions about my data and my operating system. I can with Linux.

Here is a well written article by Russell Hollander and his reasons for switching to Linux.

Why I Use Linux | Russell Hollander.


Using Remember the Milk in Linux

Tux, the Linux penguin
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I love Remember the Milk as you may be aware! I use it all the time. At work, home, on my iPhone. Everywhere. I have written a few posts about my GTD journey and ultimate decision to use Remember the Milk as my GTD solution. I have also been transitioning my personal computer to Linux the last few months. I decided on an Ubuntu based OS called PinguyOS. So, I got quite excited to read the following article on how to integrate Remember the Milk into Linux! Here is an excerpt from the post. Coming from the Mac and using Quicksilver, I love that PinguyOS has Gnome Do running out of the box. I absolutely love the Gnome Do RTM plug in! I am installing and playing with it as you read this…

There are great ways to integrate the services of RememberTheMilk with Linux, here we’ll see some:


Remember the milk can export the events in ical format, it’s possible to take an ical address just for a list of task or all of them and set in lighting a new net calendar, just select the ics format and give the url you have copyed from the RTM site, and you’ll see the tasks with due dates integrated in your calendar.

Check also the official guide.


Remember The Milk plugin for Gnome Do indexes the tasks which are stored in your Remember The Milk account. It also allows you to perform basic actions like creating or deleting a task, as well as some advanced operations related to task lists, tags and locations. It requires an available Remember The Milk account and needs to be authorized to access the data.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death

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I have been using the Mac for years now, and had a Mac Stuff page on my various blogs. Seeing that the Mac is going through so many changes, and shortly there will be a locked down Mac App store, we may be going down the path of Windows and becoming a closed platform. So, I have removed my old page and decided to simply post it as a relic of the great 3rd party development that flourished over the last 5 plus years.

Recently Gizmodo wrote an article on the big problems with locking down an operating system where all the development must be approved by Apple. That includes very popular applications like bit torrent. Steve Jobs has done a great job making sure that only Safari is approved to be used on the iPhone, no porn, strict censorship(nudity, profanity, etc…), flash gone, rejection to any competitors from making apps on the iPhone platform. The list of problems with this type of platform are endless. Apple is telling you what you get to use, and making those choices for you. Shitty. Very shitty. This may very well be the only way to run a Mac in the next couple of years. I will be slowly converting over to Linux(probably Ubuntu or Mint), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still great Mac Applications out there! This list has been reposted from a couple of years ago, but all of the ones below still stand the test of time… Continue reading “Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death”

The 5 Things I liked Best Today

So, I have been trying to get my oldest son to think more positively and come up with 5 things he liked best about his day. On shitty days, I really need to do it too. So, without further ado:

  1. I play around with various Linux Distros on a weekly basis. Ubuntu, Linux Mint(my fav right now), PCLinuxOS, Fedora Core, just to name a few. I love custom looking OS’s. Here are 15 really nice ones…
  2. I love seeing crazy Christians trying to channel God and convince others of the existence of God. I just loved this video of a valadictorian leading a prayer for a Grad class…haha. You fool.
  3. Sometimes it takes reading stories like this to make me realize that I am not numb, and I care about people. I think it is fucked up that this lady is going to jail for life for making a 13 year old boy touch her boob. Wrong yes, but give me a break. Hell, when I was 13, I would have given my left nut to touch a boob…
  4. I love seeing postings of really bad tattoos! Just love it.
  5. I am sitting right now drinking a home made brew courtesy of my friend Jeremy. I love his beer! Keep it going bud! Here is a pic of one of his creations…

Happy Monday! Enjoy the following Pics!

Now that George W Bush is out of power, it seems to me like the news is boring. I am working on a posting about some recent financial shenanagins. You can expect that in a couple of days. In the meantime, here ya go!
Good to see cectic.com out with a new comic!





Microsoft Makes a Fool of Themselves While Defending Return to DRM

I love listening to Microsoft’s lame comments and announcements. It is no wonder that Apple and Linux distros are making great headway in the PC market! I swore that this article on defending a return to DRM must have been posted by The Onion, or on April Fool’s Day.

Sadly for Microsoft, it is a reality that they are out of touch with the digital age…I love the first question and the immediate response! “Question: Why has Microsoft gone back to DRM when the vast majority of music services have ditched it?” “Answer: It’s a first step.” HAAAAAAAA!!!Good one…Click below for the remainder of this hilarious article.

PC Pro: News: Q&A: Microsoft defends return to DRM]

To end the week, here are a couple of random pictures I found using Stumbleupon.





Testing desktop Ubuntu posting

I have been spending more and more time using Ubuntu and it’s various derivatives. I love the open source aspect of it, and the fast update cycle. I am working today on posting to my blog right from my desktop. Without running an App! Awesome!

Granted, I am running Linux on my Macbook Air via VirtualBox, so it is very easy to run virtually, with no issues.ubuntu I may end up repartitioning my HD to run Ubuntu more permanently, but I need to still find a good linux replacement for Devonthink Pro Office. And, I need to do more testing on the power management, and see how long the battery runs when running Ubuntu on it’s own.

If any of you out there are checking out the site while running Linux on a Mac, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! larrinski