How is Wunderlist for implementing GTD?

Over the last couple of days Lifehacker has been rating ‘The Best To-Do App for…Linux,

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Windows and OSX. The winner each and every time was Wunderlist! I made a joke on Twitter that Lifehacker must be getting kick backs from them…Really, how can the same To-Do App be the best on each and every platform?

I tried Wunderlist and maybe I haven’t spent the time to appreciate it more? I saw it as a simplistic To-Do List app. Entering in data seems a bit cumbersome. I think I am spoiled with task entry on Remember the Milk. If I enter “Go on a mountain bike ride on Sunday” on Wunderlist I get a task that says that but has no due date. If I do the same in RTM, I get a task called “Go on a mountain bike ride” and it automatically puts the due date on the task.

I have to manually click the due date with my mouse pointer to create a due date in Wunderlist. I have to manually drag the task to a list to separate it from others. In other words, using #hashtags doesn’t seem to create tags that can be saved as Smart lists. The same goes for tasks that repeat. Wunderlist can’t manage repetitive tasks.

As for how it works for GTD, I see a few nice touches. You create manual lists and drag tasks to them. If you add tasks to your Inbox, and process them, you can organize your priorities quite nicely. One of the big ‘flaws’ of Web based To-Do Apps like Nozbe seems to be the difficulty in getting the Inbox to Zero. At least with Wunderlist you can drag them out of the Inbox to other lists. As for repeating tasks, David Allen says that you use a digital Calendar for repetitive tasks, so I guess you could use Google Calender for tasks that repeat, but why?

I just don’t get it? What am I missing? I get that it looks pretty, but what features make it the best?

Any of my readers using Wunderlist? What makes it a great GTD solution? I really want to know…


What do you use as your digital filing cabinet?

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I have been fascinated with databases for quite some time. I used Devonthink Pro Office for the longest time to store all my documents, but found that once I was out and about in the real world, I didn’t have access to it.And it didn’t help that it was Mac only…

I started using Evernote as a replacement once I needed cross-platform support, and access online. The added bonus of course is that now that I have a smart phone, I find I use Evernote all the time! When I go for a hike for instance, I have pictures of maps that I’ve taken with my phone, and have them stored inside Evernote.

I also use it as my photo backup. Anytime I take a picture with my phone, I send a copy over to Evernote so I have a permanent backup.

My issue right now though, is that Evernote has poor Linux support. Most of the benefits to using Evernote is that you have a backup of all your important things. The desktop applications under Windows and OSX allow for drag and drop backup, and access to an Export Notes to Archive feature. The web interface does not have this.

So I run Evernote in the web interface by itself. It makes me feel uneasy that I can’t have a backup of my backup on my computer. In other words, I like Evernote to plug along collecting all my snippets, photo backups, and PDFs, and once in a while I’d like an archive to store on DVD.

I’m not familiar with how well Nevernote works, but I think I will either have to see if it can do a good archive, or if running Evernote in Wine will work.

Does anyone have experience with other note taking apps on the Linux side that offer the same features as Evernote, but have an archive feature?

I see a Fatal Flaw in our Backup Strategies

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Tonight I moved a couple of my external hard drives closer to where I sit my ass every night.  I can now start to organize my backups. I used to use Time Machine on the Mac to backup. I have at least 6 to 7 years of digital media diligently backed up onto two 1Tb drives. All my family photos, videos, music. Lots of stuff!

I also did a manual backup in the summer of 2009 as I went very mobile at the time and only had my Macbook Air. It has a small harddrive(80Gb) and couldn’t store all my data, so I burnt DVDs and used 2 other drives to store just my photos. Continue reading “I see a Fatal Flaw in our Backup Strategies”

Why Printer Drivers will be the Death of me…

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We are trying to get out our wedding invitations! Trying… We are so late in getting them out it may be that we send them out as an E-Invite or pretty HTML e-mail…

But, it would be nice to send out more traditional ones, so, because we don’t have a big wedding budget, we decided to go to the local crafts store, Michaels, and get a couple of boxes of invitations. The first set were only $10 a box. What a deal! Right? Continue reading “Why Printer Drivers will be the Death of me…”

My first attempt at a Post about a Poll! Fill it out…

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I have never tried a post completely around a poll. Lifehacker does it all the time! News sites. Same thing. Hundreds of people reply. It is supposed to tell you a bit about your readership. They seem popular…

So, here you go. My poll of the day. Probably my last one too! haha. Continue reading “My first attempt at a Post about a Poll! Fill it out…”

Why the Mac App Store Sucks[Lifehacker]

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Last October I wrote an article about why I was abandoning OSX on my Mac(Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death), and looking for a Linux OS as a replacement. The whole thing started with Steve Jobs announcing that the next version of OSX code named Lion, would have the exciting new Mac App Store. It was going to be much like the iOS App Store on the iPhone. I hated the idea…Hence, now I am writing this blog from my PinguyOS Linux install…Bye Bye Steve…

The new app store launched yesterday and there are many people upset about it. If you like to run beta software, do a 30 day trial of some software, looking to get a discount to upgrade an exciting app…well, you are shit out of luck…Apple wants their 30% of the developer’s sales, so you the consumer will pay…And the apps on the Mac aren’t the cute little $0.99 apps…

Today I read a great article and summary on why the new app store sucks over at Lifehacker. Check it out. It is well worth the read if you are a Mac user…

Why the Mac App Store Sucks.

Why I switched to Linux

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This post goes into a few reasons I have switched to Linux. I am running an Ubuntu 10.10 derivative called Pinguy OS. There are many reasons why people switch from Windows or OSX to Linux.

Here are my top 5 reasons:

  1. Cost. This is a no brainer. Linux is free. Windows in not. OSX is not…So, if you are a cheap bastard, Linux is right up your alley!
  2. Security. Essentially all the virus panic attacks you hear about online aren’t in existence in Linux. Partially because of it’s unix based underpinnings, and partially because of it’s obscurity…
  3. Choice. You have your pick of hundreds of different Linux distributions(distros). The big ones are Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Mint, Debian, Gentoo. There is an almost unlimited choice of operating systems to choose from based on Linux.
  4. Speed. Linux runs fast on even the oldest of systems. Yes, there are some full featured distros that need up to date hardware to run snappy, but there are multiple different desktops you can choose from to make your old hardware seem new again.
  5. Freedom. Linux is based upon the notion that everyone should have access to the full operating system to tweak and optimize to their heart’s content. Locked down systems like Windows and OSX are controlled by large corporations. Linux is not. Have you ever had issues with old photo or document formats that don’t work anymore? Word? iPhoto? AAC? I have. It sucks. I want to make the decisions about my data and my operating system. I can with Linux.

Here is a well written article by Russell Hollander and his reasons for switching to Linux.

Why I Use Linux | Russell Hollander.