Best Tweet so far in 2014!

ben-and-jerrysI must be dreaming…Never in my life have I ever thought I would be living on the West Coast of Canada, sitting and reading about legal pot sales in the USA. At least, that is, before I voted on allowing liberal access to this ‘harmless’ drug in my province and country! I have watched countless TV shows & movies about the USA’s “War on Drugs” and have always felt that they were far more conservative than us leafy green Canadians…

Truth be told, I don’t go down to the US more than once every 10 years or so, but after September 11th, I have been a bit fearful of the direction that country’s government has gone. I went to Hawaii a few years after 2001, and didn’t even bring my favourite Che Guevara t-shirt for fear of being branded an enemy combatant! lol.

So, when all of a sudden, US states started voting on legalizing marijuana, and they passed, I was shocked!!

Today it makes me smile to see a major US corporation tweeting in jest about it!

What are your thoughts about marijuana laws? Is pot a gateway drug? Is it an innocent plant? Medical miracle cure?


Penn Jillette says, Stop the War on Drugs! Will Obama Listen?

I have always assumed that Penn Jillette smoked weed. I don’t know why, but the dude looks like many a friend in the past that made it a lifestyle! herborizer_sphere_vaporizerEven though he says that he has never smoked pot, he makes a passioned case to stop throwing people in prison for doing drugs. It is crazy in my opinion too! He just says it better than I do, so here it is for you to watch!!

International Free Speech has been lost today.

The United Nations has passed a resolution to ask countries to ban “defamation of religion”, and in particular Islam. This draft was put into place to protect the Islamic religion from being picked on as being called violent, and linked to terrorism. My response…


They have opened up a can of worms here. It is wrong to not allow for criticism of religion, politics, and to be able to disagree with those in power. As was mentioned in the attached article, human rights are for individuals, not the protection of religious institutions.

If we should ban anything, it should be the forcing of imaginary friends down everyone’s throats. It would be interesting to see all the countries that approved the resolution. It is sad that some of these religious governments will use the resolution to prosecute people that criticize it’s policies. Bad for free speech, bad for human rights, bad for women. The list goes on…

“Human rights were designed to protect individuals — to guarantee every person free speech and free exercise of religion — but most certainly not to shield any set of beliefs, religion included.”

[From Hooray for Denmark! – The Spine]

bong-hits-4-jesusThere was a bit of good news for free speech however. A school that suspended a student for 5 days for holding up a banner declaring “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” has been ordered to pay the student $45,000, and hold a forum on free speech. Looks like someone finally took a bong hit 4 Jesus, and chilled the fuck out 😉

Marijuana is good for memory? Maybe,says new study

Sometimes science studies come up with conclusions and observations that seem the opposite of public perception.

Posted today over at Scientific American, comes a study that states that marijuana may help preventcannabis_female_flowers_close-up Alzheimer’s disease, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the production of new brain cells, thereby enhancing memory! Hard to believe! Especially since I have met a few pot heads in my time, and most of them seemed to have some memory issues…Maybe they were just born like that, and I assumed it was the pot!

[From Pot joins the fight against Alzheimer’s, memory loss: Scientific American Blog]

The same topic posted over at Wired Science. A more well written article IMO.

[From Marijuana Could Be Good for Memory — But Not if You Get High | Wired Science from]

Yesterday seemed to be Evolution day. Today, I guess is pot day. Here is a video with the “Pot Cookie Monster”. Funny stuff!

Hilarious Old School PSAs and George Carlin Quotes

Why are the baby-boomers so damned conservative you ask? It could very well be due to the following hilarious public service announcements fed to them in the 50’s and 60’s! bert2This is what happens when Ad Agencies meet up with governments…Don’t think this doesn’t happen today.

Here is the list of the top 6 Continue reading “Hilarious Old School PSAs and George Carlin Quotes”

Who are America’s Enemies?

I believe that the American political machine goes out and looks for trouble. They create their enemies as a means to spread the global economy. Some analysts are insisting that the USA shouldn’t talk to their enemies. I don’t see how they could go into another country, where they are not winning the war, and just stay there, and not negotiate a peace treaty. I think McCain doesn’t get it(he calls people from North Korea “Gooks”), but hopefully Obama gets it. Here is a short article on the topic of talking to the enemy…If there are any of course!

[From Talk is Cheap, Even with Enemies]

This just in… Apparently if you smoke more than 5 joints a day for 20 years you lose some brain functions?? Really? What a shock.

As well, brain scans show that parts of the brain shrinks from such large and frequent exposure. I think the shrinkage was from all the hydrogenated potato chips that they snacked on. Not good for you 😉

[From EUROGRADUATE LIVE – News Story : Life Sciences : Marijuana use shrinks brain]

2007 Darwin Award Winner!

Here is the final talley of the 2007 Darwin awards. Enjoy!

The Onion has reported that the CIA has just come to the realization that they have been using black highlighters all these years!

And I was just reading some stories on, and came across an article that states that a recent study shows that smoking pot makes brain cells grow. I thought, Wow, this sounds great. Then, I realized that the origin of the story was from my old school, Simon Fraser University, and the student newspaper, The Peak. I think that SFU has the most pot smokers per capita, than any school in the world…Now, I am not so sure of the story’s true nature!

And lastly, here is a great story about the “Princess of Paleontology”. A 12 year old started a fossil revolution.