My 666th post! Don’t worry, it won’t be evil…

I noticed the other day that I was coming up on a blogging milestone. My 666th post.

Why do I care? Because the number seems to instill fear of the devil, the number of the beast, and that bad luck may come your way if that number arises.

It’s all a crock of shit… But numbers can start such interesting conversations about beliefs, superstitions, and historical events. 🙂

I have never met a person, a rational person, that thinks that this number is going to cause anything bad to happen. Just like Friday the 13th. They are just numbers…

I’m the type of person that then gravitates to liking these numbers more than most because of the irrational nature of thinking they have special significance. My driver’s license has the number 666 in the middle of it. It almost always causes the person I give it to to make some comment.

I have always been fascinated with numbers. When I was a bike courier in Vancouver there were a few older skyscrapers that didn’t have a thirteenth floor. Though I think this is stupid, I love that people went to such great lengths to exclude it from the plans for the building.

If someone has ever asked me what my favourite number is, I’ve always said 13. My uncle wore number 13 during his stint with the Canadian National Soccer team that went to the 1986 World Cup. It was a proud moment for our family, so I picked that as my favourite number. From there, I have slowly learned that people fear it on Fridays. Stupid, but fascinating all at the same time…

Do you have a favourite number? Is there some ‘luck’ in having it as your favourite? Superstitious? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear about it, because I love numbers!


Cool Stuff Happened on Pi Day, and I missed it…

Archimedes pi
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There has been lots of tragic and sad news coming out of Japan. At some point my fascination with tsunamis, nuclear meltdowns and earthquakes starts to wear off. What I mean is that like most people, I am awe struck at the power of nature, but then reality kicks in, and seeing people suffer makes me sad. Then, I don’t want to know anymore about it, and it starts to disturb me.

To counteract all this, I am going out of my way to find cool news stories. What better day than Pi day? I missed Pi day this year, but the good news is that news doesn’t disappear. It’s archived in Google Reader…Here are some interesting Pi day stories I thought I would share with you.

There you go. Interesting and quirky stories I missed on Pi Day…

Tool Video ‘The Fibonacci in Lateralus’

I love math, but don’t have the brains, and the time to understand most of the complex math. I made it all the way up to Integral Calculus and that was it. If I won the lottery, I would go back to university and take only one math course per semester and complete a math degree. That would kick ass, but highly unlikely since I don’t buy lottery tickets. I get most of the content for my blog from Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon and am so glad I saw this on Digg! Here is a great video to the tune of Tool’s song Lateralus all about a math concept I have never heard of. Tool and Math at the same time. Does it get any better than that? I so need to listen to the album again in the Fibonacci order! Enjoy!

What Would Happen if You Bought 25 Bottles of Nyquil?

I have recently been reading quite a few stories over at Violet Acres(check them out!). This article was particularly good. It was all about the question, “What if?”

What Would Happen if You Bought 25 Bottles of Nyquil? – Violent Acres:

Though I never took Philosophy in University as I thought it too flaky(I don’t feel that way now), this article on Mathematics is great!! Apparently this fellow named Plato 😉 seemed to think that we didn’t invent math, but discover it. I tend to believe that argument. But read on to make up your own mind.

The following comic came from, but the origin seems to be from, one of my fellow Canadians…It is a toungue in cheek look into some people’s belief that prayer works!!!Idiots…


This girl is channelling something…

Holy crap!!! That was just like the exorcist!

Our friend Dave came over this weekend, and part of the fun was watching Star Wars again! I may have had a few beers, but I don’t remember this scene!!