John McCain is truly not smart enough to lead a country!

I try to avoid the media accounts of American politics, but it is really hard to ignore truly crappy leaders! John McCain is one of them…Watch and learn that McCain is not someone you want leading the biggest military in the world!If I could just vote against him…

Wouldn’t politics be interesting if we went out to vote against someone, instead of for them.I think we would have for more people out to the polls!

At least if he gets into power, we will have a new idiot to pick on…

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Who are America’s Enemies?

I believe that the American political machine goes out and looks for trouble. They create their enemies as a means to spread the global economy. Some analysts are insisting that the USA shouldn’t talk to their enemies. I don’t see how they could go into another country, where they are not winning the war, and just stay there, and not negotiate a peace treaty. I think McCain doesn’t get it(he calls people from North Korea “Gooks”), but hopefully Obama gets it. Here is a short article on the topic of talking to the enemy…If there are any of course!

[From Talk is Cheap, Even with Enemies]

This just in… Apparently if you smoke more than 5 joints a day for 20 years you lose some brain functions?? Really? What a shock.

As well, brain scans show that parts of the brain shrinks from such large and frequent exposure. I think the shrinkage was from all the hydrogenated potato chips that they snacked on. Not good for you 😉

[From EUROGRADUATE LIVE – News Story : Life Sciences : Marijuana use shrinks brain]

Bin Laden tapes are fakes?

Here is a bit of a rant over at YouTube about how the US Govt is releasing fake Bin Laden tapes to help quell the questions that keep arising about the truth around 9/11. Though it seems a little sensationalized, it is good entertainment IMO. Enjoy!

To add to the argument that George Bush was instrumental in the 9/11 attacks, an article just came out that some senior Govt official(I assume an ex-govt. official…), is saying that there were rehearsals of the disaster. Now, I am not saying that I buy these conspiracy theories, but Wow, it makes for a wicked movie!!!Maybe Michael Moore will take it on for his next “documentary”…

[From George W Bush Authorized 911 Attacks Says Government Insider Stanley Hilton]

And if we are unfortunate George Bush’s successor will be Senator McCain…He looks to be a bright one on the important issues of the day!