Making positive changes in 20 steps

I came across this great post over at The Daily Zen on how to make small amendments to your daily habits to effect positive changes in your life.

I’ve been working on changing some of my emotional and mental triggers that make me think negative thoughts or simply become irritable. With a gazillion children, a busy life, and no time for fun with my wife or friends, it’s easy to go into a negative spiral and blame everyone around you.

One thing that I’ve been playing with is a daily question that I have automatically texted to myself. It asks me at around 9pm every night, “Am I in a better mood than yesterday?” If I notice a few days in a row where the answer is No, I need to change something. If I have a few days where the answer is Yes, I think about what I’ve been doing differently to make for a better mood. In many instances, it is one of the 20 things listed below…

Change doesn’t need to be big all at once. It can be little things. The following post is a nice way to ease into better habits… Continue reading “Making positive changes in 20 steps”