My GTD-Moleskine take two

I mentioned the other day that I have been finding my productivity workflow has been slowly molding into a combination of technology and paper.

My Work GTD-Moleskine Set-up
I have set up a new large Moleskine squared notebook at work to manage all my tasks and reminders. It is a modified GTD system that has 3 main areas. At the front is my Inbox. At the back is my Projects, and about half-way is my Contexts.

I have modified my Inbox in one important way. I start every day by entering and highlighting the date. All my notes, ideas, and tasks go in this inbox. I use the Projects at the back to keep track of my banking and lending clients.

At the end of the day, Continue reading “My GTD-Moleskine take two”


My Moleskine – Remember the Milk System. Old vs New.

I have been thinking about my information workflow recently, and more specifically have started to examine what works best to control the flow of data that comes my way throughout my work day, and make sure I record it.


Remember the Milk
Image by Johan Larsson via Flickr

I have two parallel information systems running in my life. The first is my Remember the Milk GTDish system where I document all the important stuff I need to recall later on. Birthdays, appointments, grocery lists, multi-step projects like mortgage applications. Anything that isn’t done on the fly or during the day, gets dated, context added, etc…I use RTM for pretty much everything I need to do or remember in my personal life. I also flag future reminders(tickler list) and my Waiting-For list for both work and pleasure. But not everything seems to go in there… Continue reading “My Moleskine – Remember the Milk System. Old vs New.”

Moleskine App for iPhone/iPad Coming Soon!

Moleskine notebook and diaries.
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I live a double life.

I love technology. Computers, my smartphone, cloud computing, Linux. But…

I love Moleskine notebooks! Kind of the opposite of technology…

What if someone, say the company Moleskine, made an ‘app’ for the iPhone? Wouldn’t that be like Peanut Butter and Chocolate? A blend of old and new? Yes my friends, it would… Continue reading “Moleskine App for iPhone/iPad Coming Soon!”

Love and Hate my ‘Book of all Things’ [GTD]

My Messy Moleskine
Image by Alexandre Dulaunoy via Flickr

A few weeks ago I decided to try something new. I set up my handy dandy Moleskine notebook as my GTD capture tool. I was inspired by reading about how great writing down my tasks would be. After reading Stever Robbins’ book ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More‘, and specifically his chapter on technology, I thought I would give paper based ToDo lists a shot. I understand David Allen uses paper as his capture system as well. Both these organizational leaders are far smarter than me.

How did I fair? What were my impressions? Continue reading “Love and Hate my ‘Book of all Things’ [GTD]”

When getting organized makes you waste time fixing your screw-ups

28/365: A To Do List
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I have a been working on a personal productivity project for a couple of years now. It started slowly, but I wanted to get a system of organization. Something that I could use consistently.It started with me focusing on electronic databases. Then, how to implement a good retrievable electronic document database, along with contacts, email retrieval, and all the while hoping to get at all the paper cluttering my life.

Life threw me a few curve balls though. A divorce, a new relationship, a new baby, a new career. Ouch. Did I ever need to get organized now! Continue reading “When getting organized makes you waste time fixing your screw-ups”

My GTD-Moleskine experiment. The set-up…

Moleskine Retro PDA Part1
Image by mrmole via Flickr

I have been slowly(yes,very slowly) reading Stever Robbins book, ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More’. Part of the book tackles our assumption the technology makes us more efficient. This is the third time in the last month that I have read about some of the inefficiencies with computers where our memory is concerned. Stever suggests doing your ToDo lists on paper and using an online calendar for tasks with a due date. Funny, though I have been using Remember the Milk as my all in one GTD and calendar solution, David Allen also eludes in his book Getting Things Done, that he uses old fashioned ‘paper’ for his lists. That’s two productivity authors that seem to think writing things down has some merit. Lifehacker also just posted an article about why we learn more effectively writing than typing. Continue reading “My GTD-Moleskine experiment. The set-up…”

Is Technology your Good Witch or Bad Witch?

Evil witches
Image by Brett L. via Flickr

I have a project I need to finish. Not because I really have to, but because I said I would to someone I never met. Many months ago I got an email from Stever Robbins’ assistant/publisher/helper to ask if I’d be interested in reviewing his upcoming book, ‘9 Steps to Work Less and Do More‘. I said sure! Send me a copy of the book and I’ll review it on my blog…The irony of commiting to reviewing the book is that I need the time to read the book, rarely read paper books as I’m a computer gunkie, and can’t seem to get to the task, and I don’t have the time management tools available to me to Work Less and Do More…Yet. Continue reading “Is Technology your Good Witch or Bad Witch?”