Tool Video ‘The Fibonacci in Lateralus’

I love math, but don’t have the brains, and the time to understand most of the complex math. I made it all the way up to Integral Calculus and that was it. If I won the lottery, I would go back to university and take only one math course per semester and complete a math degree. That would kick ass, but highly unlikely since I don’t buy lottery tickets. I get most of the content for my blog from Digg, Reddit, and Stumbleupon and am so glad I saw this on Digg! Here is a great video to the tune of Tool’s song Lateralus all about a math concept I have never heard of. Tool and Math at the same time. Does it get any better than that? I so need to listen to the album again in the Fibonacci order! Enjoy!


Debt: Reader Pays Off $14,330 In 20 Months With Consumerist Tips

With all the consolidation loans I do for clients, one thing that is hard to talk to them about is how to spend less.

You don’t want to offend them by suggesting they live high on the hog, but I see so many clients yearsmartcard2 after year coming back to re-consolidate(if that is a word…), and living way past their means. With the real estate values dropping globally, one day those homeowners will not have the equity to lump in that debt into their mortgage.

I am in the same boat! So, I found this following article posted over at very interesting. I thought I would share it with you! There are a bunch of great tips and tools for you to use. Good luck!
Stuck in a $14,300 debt hole, reader Trixare4kids was able to dig herself out using tips she learned about on Let’s learn how she attacked her personal finances and learned to live frugally, and did it all in 20 months.Yahoo! Buzz

“She writes: “This morning I made my very last payment on $14,300 in credit card debt and a personal line of credit for a home improvement project that was completed a few years ago. I paid it off over the last 20 months thanks to applying some of the stuff I learned at It was tough. It took discipline, but I did it!

Instead of making a bunch of changes at once, I did things a little over time. It looked something like this. It’s maybe not in the order that makes the most sense to a financial planner or in the order that someone else would do things; I just know that it worked for me.”

[From Debt: Reader Pays Off $14,330 In 20 Months With Our Tips]

All companies try to get you to do is buy, and spend more of your hard earned money.
It reminds me of the lyrics of one of my favourite songs by the band Tool.tool-logo-early

All you read and

Wear or see and

Hear on TV

Is a product

Begging for your

Fatass dirty


So…Shut up and

Buy my new record

Send more money

Fuck you, buddy

Now go out and spend more…Our economy depends on it…

Canadian Band Rush with “Malignant Narcissism”

What can get better than a song about the problems that religions have caused the world, written and performed by a Canadian band??? Not much my friends…I hope it makes it to Number 1 on the charts and Rush become famous…Just kidding. They are already famous 😉 Good on them!!! I have to give credit to for finding the video, and posting it. Maybe another Canadian? How many Canadian atheists are there anyway?

Stop drinking bottled water!

You see so many people drinking bottled water these days. Have you ever wondered where this water comes from? Turns out that at least 25% of the suppliers use municipal water sources. It is interesting that labeling is also suspect. Though I don’t normally link to Readers Digest, this article is in-depth and well written. Now, go get a glass of water from your tap, and enjoy!

Rethink What You Drink: Growing Thirst | The Environment | Reader’s Digest:

On to better topics…Nine Inch Nails has just released a new album. You can buy it online right from the site, For a whopping $5. Well worth it! It is DRM free, and you can download many different audio formats. I went for Apple Lossless…Big download…It is a 4 part instrumental album with 36 tracks, wallpapers, webgraphics, and more!

Why Linux Doesn’t Spread – the Curse of Being Free

Here is an article on Slashdot on why people perceive Windows as being a better alternative to Linux… linux

Why Linux Doesn’t Spread – the Curse of Being Free: “”

. If I didn’t love OSX so much, or I had an older laptop, Linux would be the answer. Advertising is a powerful thing…

And now I have to state the obvious. I am getting older…As the years go on some things hit me harder as to how much time moves on. My son starting school, Van Halen’s 1984 coming out 24 years ago(WTF…), and this, Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

Scientists believe now that almost 50% of the stars in our galaxy may have a similar planetary make up as our own. Check out the BBC to read more about it.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | ‘Hundreds of worlds’ in Milky Way: “”

Finally to finish the day, here is another great comic by

Child guitar prodigy.

The other day I wrote about Stairway to Heaven and what it would sound like if the Beatles played it. Now, here is what it sounds like when an 8 year old plays it on the guitar

Many people have heard of “absolute zero”, which is the coldest that anything can get. But, now scientists are contemplating if there is an “absolute hot”. Good question!

What if the Beatles wrote Stairway to Heaven?

Here is a great Beatle’ized version of Stairway to Heaven.