The Power of the Ocean. Insane.

I haven’t blogged too much about the Tsunami and earthquake in Japan, however I did want to share this video with you filmed during the Tsunami. It is insane.Scary insane. If you’ve ever been surfing, or swimming, and got tossed by a 5 foot wave, you know how powerful the ocean is. The video demonstrates it! Watch in awe. (Sorry, but the embed code wouldn’t stick, so just click the link…)

What videos have you seen that blow your mind?


Evolution is the topic of the day!

I read many stories about evolution, usually on a daily basis. Most of the time, it is just out of personal interest and the pursuit of personal development. Too often, I forget that when I find good articles on evolution, I should share them with you!! Science isn’t usually about grabbing headlines, shocking readers, etc…It is about discovering the truth. But, I have been collecting a few articles about evolution, and have decided that today is the day! Enjoy.

Some slender Australian lizards called skinks have gone from being five-fingered to legless (like most snakes) in just 3.6 million years, a new study finds. That’s a blink of an eye in geologic time…

[Click the link for moreEvolution in Action: Lizards Losing Limbs | LiveScience]

There are many battles in the scholastic world to discredit evolution, and try to make the public believe that scientists disagree on evolution, and there is a growing movement towards intelligent design. One of the biggest battle zones is Texas. Turns out that a recent survey in Texas had 99% of the science professors that replied discrediting intelligent design! Pretty big consensous there! More evidence that the intelligent design movement is bullshit!

It reveals the results of a survey sent to biology and “biological anthropology” faculty members from “all 35 public universities plus the 15 largest private institutions in Texas,” in which they were asked to take the following taste test: evolution or intelligent design?… [Dallas – Unfair Park – It’s Science: Ninety-Nine Percent of Texas Science Professors Surveyed Don’t Believe in Intelligent Design]

Here is an interesting article of the merging of data that geological phemoninom in Africa triggered evolution in Hominins(humans and ancestors of humans).

[From Did The Planet’s Tectonics Trigger Human Evolution?]

And one of the founders of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin is having his 200th birthday, and a web site is asking for you to go to their site and record a video of why you are Darwin. The site is called Check it out!

What killed the dinosaurs?

A new theory making the rounds is that mosquitos and other bugsdead may have slowly killed off the dinosaurs. Though it may sound a little far fetched on the cover, the authors make some compelling points.

And here we have the 1st entrants into the 2008 Darwin Awards!

The 10 deadliest mountains.

This article may not be the regular fare, but I find mountains to be fascinating. I guess it goes without saying that God didn’t make them, and all the people that died trying to climb them didn’t die because God decided “it was their time to go”…

If you go hiking in Vancouver, BC, and get in trouble, they will send you a bill for the rescue. It doesn’t seem too fair to me, if the trail didn’t have a big “Do Not Enter” sign at the start…

Though I am sure most of my readers understand what evolution is, here is the US National Academy of Sciences most recent book entitled – “Science, Evolution, and Creationism“. And it is free online. Go and grab it!

The northern lights.

For my readers living up north, you may have seen the northern lights. They are beautiful! Here is an article on some new research done by NASA.

And a word of warning, atheists are growing in numbers down south

And here is a great PSA on why you should avoid Reefer…

Interesting articles on the earth…

Just recently I have been reading Though it doesn’t seem to be a site run be the scientific community, I find it accurate with my limited knowledge…For those of you that wonder how the earth was formed ( other than by an invisible man… ), here is a story starting with the Big Bang. Aren’t you glad that you weren’t around when volcanoes ruled the earth? Me too…

If you use Facebook to keep in touch with your friends, family, and lost acquaintances, then you need to be aware of a threat to your privacy. It is called Beacon, and it is evil. So much in fact, that the Facebook founder has apologized and has let you opt out. Do it now…

On to the battle against “Intelligent Design”…Though it has been shown not to be science “at all”, religious groups are still insisting that it be taught in science class. And it looks like it is paying off! American kids suck at science