Did Comets Cause Ancient American Extinctions?

I haven’t heard this one before, but there is an argument that the last Ice Age woolly_mammoth_croppedmay have been caused by a comet. Below is a good article from National Geographic. Makes you wonder when the next big one will hit…

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Over at ffriendlyatheist.com, the question is asked:

What steps need to be taken to become an Atheist?

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Have you ever wondered if there really is an Al Qaeda out there just waiting to attack everyone? Well even Newsweek is doubting it…IMHO, the US Govt is causing far more death and destruction in the world. But who am to judge??

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Was Darwin worried that his ideas would be considered dangerous?

History and repeated scientific studies have shown how right Charles Darwin was with his study of Evolution, and the groundbreaking idea of Natural Selection. 200 years after his birth, and 150 after the publishing of The Origin of Species, there is still great trepidation to accept his theories, and battles to get the bible back into the science classroom. Here is an article of that point over at richarddawkins.net.

‘Darwin’s dangerous idea’ by TheStar.com – RichardDawkins.net: Here is a small part of the article re-posted for your enjoyment…

“… there is actually more resistance, especially in America, today than there was one, two, three or even six generations ago. Why is this happening? Why, despite the fact that creationism, along with its uptown cousin “intelligent design,” keeps getting expelled (as recently as 2005’s Kitzmiller v. Dover ruling) as non-science from science classrooms by some of America’s highest courts, while Darwin’s “theory” has not only never been disproved but has actually accumulated only more supporting evidence over the decades? Why, nearly 200 years after his birth, are people so afraid of Charles Darwin…

And how many North & South Poles do you think there are? If your answer is one, then read this article…

“The Earth has more than one North Pole”

Smoking cigarettes is one of the stupidest things humans do to themselves. With all the data on how they will kill you, people still puff away anywhere they can. Even in their cars with their kids inside. They are drug addicts. Plain and simple. I feel bad for them, but they need to help themselves. Here is a nice graphic timeline of what happens to your body after you stop smoking.

Stop smoking right now…