Got some Nozbe inside scoop from the founder…

Recently I had a nice referral from GTD Wizard after he enjoyed my post on my 1st Anniversary using Remember the Milk. He was questioning the cost of maintaining his yearly subscription with Nozbe, and is thinking he may try RTM as his GTD solution.

I subscribed to his thread and noticed a comment from the founder of Nozbe, Michael Sliwinski on some upcoming improvements to his GTD service. Here is the comment from him.

Thanks for the review and sorry to see you go šŸ˜¦

We’re just hiring more engineering power to finish off our beta Mac/Windows and Android apps. We’re getting there and we’re going to show some great and revolutionary interface to the Desktop app very soon so I’m hoping you’d at least give it a try šŸ™‚

Nozbe is still priced at 2 lattes per month and it all comes down to how much time it actually saves you when you manage stuff with it. Time is money šŸ™‚

Anyway, thanks for your support and for great blog posts and believe me, I’m the founder and I also can’t wait to have all the apps ready and running smoothly. I feel we’re close to have the perfect native multi-platform ecosystem so we’re getting there šŸ™‚

via Time to reduce my productivity costs! | GTD Wizard.

I hope that Nozbe keeps pushing the envelope on development. If there is one thing about Nozbe I love is that they are quite cutting edge in productivity management. If Michael Sliwinski can get faster data input, there will be far more people switching to Nozbe even at 2 lattes a month!


My 1 year Anniversary with RTM! My thoughts on our relationship.


Today I renewed my yearly license as a Remember the Milk Pro user. Over the years software has come and gone and I have shelled out my fair share to developers…Very few of them gave me the value that Remember the Milk does. I know loads of people check out my review of RTM vs Nozbe vs Nirvana, so I thought I would take a minute to write about my experience. Here are my thoughts on what Remember the Milk has done for me this last year, and where I want to see it go from here. Continue reading “My 1 year Anniversary with RTM! My thoughts on our relationship.”

Nozbe web redesigned. Less green!

Today Michael Nozbe announced a bunch of new developments at Nozbe! The first thing that got my attention was the new web interface. They have removed the excessive green that I couldn’t get over in my reviews of Nozbe! Here is a look at the new interface… Continue reading “Nozbe web redesigned. Less green!”

Get It Done App, a great Evernote and GTD integrated Task Manager

A few weeks ago I came across an interesting Evernote Trunk item. It is a GTD inspired website called Get it Done App. Why it got my attention is that I am still waiting for Remember the Milk to have Evernote syncing capabilities like Nozbe does.

So, I signed up for the 15 day free trial and started playing with it. Here are my feeling about the app. Continue reading “Get It Done App, a great Evernote and GTD integrated Task Manager”

The Top 5 Posts for 2010

This year was a banner year for the Blog! I had about 20,000 visitors,Ā  and quite a bit of traction around the topic of Getting Things Done by David Allen. So it comes as no surprise that my top posts for 2010 were mostly about GTD…

Thank you for visiting the site so much this year! It makes coming up with topics so much easier…Have a very happy holidays and Happy New Year!

So without further ado, here is a summary of my top posts for 2010:

  1. My Review of NozbeĀ 
  2. Remember the Milk vs NozbeĀ vs Nirvana. The Best GTD Solution?
  3. Getting Things Done(GTD) with Google Apps Labels and Filters
  4. KeepassX with Dropbox
  5. Nirvana. My Review of a Slick Looking New GTD app

larrinski back on Twitter

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I have been off Twitter for a while. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. One, I was going through a very stressful divorce, a change of job, baby, and pretty much anything else you can think of! What a year. Now, I’m engaged and excited as to what 2011 holds for me…Two, I have been slowly trying to regain a sense of balance where technology and family/friend life is involved. You can get pretty overwhelmed by the amount of information thrown at you on the interweb. And I used to use it as way to tune out all my real world problems and not deal with them…In getting back on Twitter, I have decided I am not going to follow every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Be more selective, and follow people and sites that I truly enjoy! And, use it to promote my site, of course. šŸ˜‰

I can scream through pretty much all the same content in no time at all, and if something interests me, it only takes a few moments to get to the article. I feel up to date again.

So, as I said above, I have reclaimed my account. Follow me @larrinski. has also added Twitter integration. Here is the blog post about it…

I am also keeping my eye on the newest releases by nirvanahq(GTD beta app), and Nozbe, etc…

Here is my most recent comment on Nozbe, and why I think they have lost touch with GTD. An inbox for a vacation? Not very GTD in my opinion…!/larrinski/status/4206037309595648

As always, I encourage you to leave comments on the blog, and let me know what you think…

RTM vs Nozbe vs Nirvana. The best GTD Solution?

UPDATE – I’ve been using Remember the Milk for a year now. Check out my latest post about what I’ve liked about using RTM this last year, and what I’d like to see get changed. My 1 year Anniversary with RTM! My thoughts on our relationship…

There has been quite a lot of Web-based To-Do lists managers launched in the last couple of years. I blame the iPhone for this trend! It is a good trend in my opinion. I have been using a few Getting Things Done(GTD) apps this year to see what works best for me. I started by using Nozbe, then for a few reasons(not just that I am the curious type), I started trying out Remember the Milk(RTM), Nirvana, using Gmail as a GTD solution, and finally I have experimented with Evernote. I have written a few articles on the site about my initial impressions on these. Check them out when you have some time…I have been using three on a consistent basis the last couple of months, and wanted to share with you my thoughts on the experience.

The 3 main contenders are: Remember the Milk, Nozbe, & Nirvana.

Here is a small list of the criteria I am looking for in a good, always accessible To-Do List Manager. In no particular order…

  1. It has got to work in the most common web browsers. Yes, IE included…
  2. It has got to have a functional iPhone interface!
  3. It has got to be affordable. Money Talks baby…
  4. It has to be able to remind me of the shit I need to remember without me thinking about it.
  5. Does it work(whether designed that way or hacked) as a true GTD solution?
  6. Is the User Interface cluttered or easy to understand and use?

OK, not a small lists of demands, so let’s see how they faired. Continue reading “RTM vs Nozbe vs Nirvana. The best GTD Solution?”