Who are America’s Enemies?

I believe that the American political machine goes out and looks for trouble. They create their enemies as a means to spread the global economy. Some analysts are insisting that the USA shouldn’t talk to their enemies. I don’t see how they could go into another country, where they are not winning the war, and just stay there, and not negotiate a peace treaty. I think McCain doesn’t get it(he calls people from North Korea “Gooks”), but hopefully Obama gets it. Here is a short article on the topic of talking to the enemy…If there are any of course!

[From Talk is Cheap, Even with Enemies]

This just in… Apparently if you smoke more than 5 joints a day for 20 years you lose some brain functions?? Really? What a shock.

As well, brain scans show that parts of the brain shrinks from such large and frequent exposure. I think the shrinkage was from all the hydrogenated potato chips that they snacked on. Not good for you 😉

[From EUROGRADUATE LIVE – News Story : Life Sciences : Marijuana use shrinks brain]