The best Linux distro of 2011!

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Today I found a nice post about the best up-to-date Linux distros of 2011. Though I have been using Pinguy OS for about a year now, I am always on the prowl for what’s out there! Pinguy OS is a blend of Debian, Ubuntu, and Mint, which are 3 of the distros discussed below.

I have an attraction to installing Arch Linux as it is essentially the most customizable Linux of the bunch, but honestly it scares me! lol. I’m not that proficient to be able to manually install all aspects of the OS via the command line! I’m fine with a GUI interface to start, and then Googling to fix any little glitches that come up.

I’m pretty sure that most of my readers are not Linux users, but even if you aren’t, I recommend reading the article over at TuxRadar. You may be surprised as to what you are missing in your Windows or OSX box!

Fedora, Mint, Arch, Ubuntu, Debian and OpenSUSE go head-to-head – we’ve dropped the six most popular Linux distributions of the day into a cage fight for your affections. Read on to discover which distro comes up top for installation ease, customisation, performance, security and more. Which flavour of Linux gets the gold medal? You might very well be surprised, so read on for all the juicy details…

In the beginning, Linus created the kernel. The kernel worked (sort of) and was good. Then, in an ever-spiralling Babelesque explosion of code, the world got umpty-ump different Linux distributions, some of which seem to differ from each other only in the colour of their desktop screens.

Choosing a distro can be confusing, time consuming and too much hard work, which is why many Linux users don’t stray far from updating the one they know best.

via The best Linux distro of 2011! | TuxRadar Linux.