Vancouver Island farmer could go to jail for farming? WTF? has posted a story of a local Vancouver Island farmer that converted a destroyed residential lot into a organic farm. For many, this would be considered a success story. But the regional district in Lantzville, BC is up in arms because a neighbour complained about the farm being unsightly, and is attempting to enforce a bylaw to shut down the organic farm and remove the material.

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Last week Colleen brought us the story of a woman in Michigan who is facing jail time for planting a garden. Sadly, this type of heavy-handed by-the-letter enforcement of bylaws exists at the same time as people embrace urban agriculture as a viable source of high quality nutrition. A man in Lanztville, British Columbia is facing a similar battle with the local government after converting his 2.5 acre “residential” lot from a gravel pit into a thriving organic farm. His refusal to “cease all agricultural activity” could land him six months in jail.

Acting on a single complaint from a disgruntled neighbor the regional district sent a letter to Dirk Becker giving him 14 days to “remove the piles of soil and manure from the property.” The quoted bylaw states that property owners will ensure their property doesn’t become or remain “unsightly”.

via British Columbia Man Faces Six Months in Jail for Growing Food : TreeHugger.

I should get this off my chest now. This is bullshit! There. I said it.

Maybe the regional district is getting kickbacks from Monsanto… 😉