Oh. Oh. Oh. A new Organization Tool to play with! Folderboy

Today I came across a post on Google+ about a new organization tool called Folderboy. I have felt a bit busy lately, and haven’t been doing many reviews. Sorry! Folderboy looks promising, so I will play with it and come back with my thoughts. In the mean time here is an intro video they posted on their site.

If you beat me to it, I would be open to someone doing a review for me and if you send it to webmaster@pakos.me, I’ll give you credit and post it on the site…


When getting organized makes you waste time fixing your screw-ups

28/365: A To Do List
Image by DanielJames via Flickr

I have a been working on a personal productivity project for a couple of years now. It started slowly, but I wanted to get a system of organization. Something that I could use consistently.It started with me focusing on electronic databases. Then, how to implement a good retrievable electronic document database, along with contacts, email retrieval, and all the while hoping to get at all the paper cluttering my life.

Life threw me a few curve balls though. A divorce, a new relationship, a new baby, a new career. Ouch. Did I ever need to get organized now! Continue reading “When getting organized makes you waste time fixing your screw-ups”