The 12 Most Embarrassing Photos of 2008

We have all been embarrassed in the past by some camera that took a picture at the wrong moment. Luckily for most of us, it never makes the 6PM news, or becomes a huge hit on the Internet! For the following folks, they weren’t so lucky… Here are the 12 most embarrassing photos of 2008!

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I just love the #1 pic! Some people are just not very smart!


Get your Religion out of our Court Systems

It scares the shit out of me when religion tries to get into government, or if not voted in, then lobbies politicians to get their backward beliefs into everyone else’s lives.

It is just mind blowing, some of the crazy shit people are charged with and even convicted of. atheism-cures-terrorismSo, without further ado, here are a couple of links to stories that should make your mouth drop open, and you may end up thinking WTF???

First up is the poor part time school teacher that was originally convicted of popup porn on a school computer and sentenced to 40 years in jail.

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doingmyparttopissoffIt doesn’t get much crazier than that! We have all had those porn pop up at some time. The next article is an attempt at making people aware that there is a VERY LARGE difference between child molesters and rapists, and these poor folks that have been deemed “registered sex offenders”. I really feel bad for the one lady that, as a teenager gave another teenager a blow job, and is now a sex offender, and may soon lose her house because it is close to a church day care. Nuts.

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USA votes as the rest of the world looks on

Today is the big day in the USA that they vote in a new President. Or, should I say, the USA thinks they are voting…


Let’s hope calm heads prevail and people’s votes actually count!

Have you been following the story in Boulder Colorado where some drunk people were running in the annual naked pumpkin event? Continue reading “USA votes as the rest of the world looks on”

Harper is the Canadian Bush

Is it just me, or is the Harper government reminding us of down south more and more…
Apparently, science is not important to our ruling party. So, everytime Harper makes science related decisions, perhaps he will now go to his priest.

2007 Darwin Award Winner!

Here is the final talley of the 2007 Darwin awards. Enjoy!

The Onion has reported that the CIA has just come to the realization that they have been using black highlighters all these years!

And I was just reading some stories on, and came across an article that states that a recent study shows that smoking pot makes brain cells grow. I thought, Wow, this sounds great. Then, I realized that the origin of the story was from my old school, Simon Fraser University, and the student newspaper, The Peak. I think that SFU has the most pot smokers per capita, than any school in the world…Now, I am not so sure of the story’s true nature!

And lastly, here is a great story about the “Princess of Paleontology”. A 12 year old started a fossil revolution.

Religions are peaceful?

I have heard the argument before…Religion is good for the world. They promote peace…What a crock of shit…I guess that these two competing religions forgot the peace and brotherly love!, and started beating the crap out of each other.

A recent story on the globe and mail site caught my eye. It looks like church attendance is down, and those poor religions don’t have enough money to fix their huge ass buildings. Ah. Isn’t that sad? No it is not, for those not so sure how to answer the question. Hand over your tax free land to house the real needy with social housing, and go rent a gym on Sunday. Or better yet, pick names out of a hat, and have it at Betty Ann Christian’s house this weekend…

**EDIT** – I wrote this post just before the Pakistan Opposition Leader Benazir Bhutto got assassinated. Proof once again that religion makes people crazy. A sad day in history.

Some people are investigating claims that the CIA started the current Iraq war. Here is a documentary that goes into this claim in great detail.

USA takes out consolidation loan.

It is good to see someone has come to the aid of the poor USA. EZ Debt has offered them a consolidation loan. I love the Onion…