Silence breeds acceptance. Fascism is on the rise.

Back in the 90s, I lived in Vancouver, BC and became quite active in federal and provincial politics. It was an interesting time politically. In Canada, the national Conservative Party was decimated in the ’93 election, and another right-wing party (the Reform Party) became popular. This was the start of the Alberta-centric federal movement (Canadian Alliance) that inevitably merged the two parties, becoming the now Conservative Party of Canada; and got Stephen Harper into power. In my opinion, a sad time for us Canadians as they eroded our social programs, silenced our scientists, removed environmental protections, and increased the gap between the rich and poor.

In the background though,

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3 members of Orlando Food Not Bombs arrested for feeding homeless

A meal being served by Food Not Bombs in Saras...
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This makes me angry. Poverty is a horrible epidemic around the world. Feeding homeless people should be met with accolades and awards. However in Orlando, the city has decided to stick their heads in the sand and ignore starving citizens. Arresting volunteers that fed 40 people in a park? What the hell are you thinking? I guess you don’t need to have a brain to be elected to city counsel in Orlando… Continue reading “3 members of Orlando Food Not Bombs arrested for feeding homeless”