Updated Twitter and WordPress.com integration

Today WordPress announced a few new features that integrate your blog with Twitter. This comes as Twitter renews it’s look and feel! Perfect timing, I say! There is no better time to start using Twitter for keeping up with news, current events, local weather, friends and family. And lastly, with the recent improved embedded functionality, all your WordPress.com short links will preview from within Twitter!

I find I click links on Twitter far more if there is a preview giving a snippet of the content! This should drive more traffic to WordPress.com blogs! At least I hope so. If it works for Google+ and Facebook, it’s bound to work for Twitter as well.

Some other changes to Twitter’s embedding feature will allow for more customized HTML control of how your embedded tweets show up on your site. I believe this new feature is rolling out slowly for people, however here is a snippet of how it looks.

For more about the new features and Twitter integration, here is today’s WordPress.com post…

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