Photo of the day – Kids and Puddles

Today I took the boys out for a walk around the neighbourhood to give my wife some quiet time and a well deserved nap! I know, I’m the best husband ever. haha.

Anyway the walk started out great. They went down the neighbour’s long driveway and we all broke out into a game of hide and seek. We made progress down the dirt road when we stalled.

At the only puddle in a kilometre!

What is with puddles and kids? Maybe I am getting old and forget the attraction, but it took everything I had to move them along and forget that tiny pool of muddy water.

The 1 year old saw the puddle and immediately crouched down and grabbed mitt fulls of rocks. The 5 year old started grabbing maple leaves, threw them in, and started jumping full force into the water. Splashing everyone in the process!

They had such a great time!

I suppose I still love puddles. It’s just different now. I don’t jump in them anymore. I was out on a mountain bike ride this morning riding through big ones!

Do you still jump in puddles?