Silence breeds acceptance. Fascism is on the rise.

Back in the 90s, I lived in Vancouver, BC and became quite active in federal and provincial politics. It was an interesting time politically. In Canada, the national Conservative Party was decimated in the ’93 election, and another right-wing party (the Reform Party) became popular. This was the start of the Alberta-centric federal movement (Canadian Alliance) that inevitably merged the two parties, becoming the now Conservative Party of Canada; and got Stephen Harper into power. In my opinion, a sad time for us Canadians as they eroded our social programs, silenced our scientists, removed environmental protections, and increased the gap between the rich and poor.

In the background though,

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African Americans not given running water because they didn’t ask for it!

It is not often that I get shocked by articles written by Time Magazine. Most of the time the blogosphere has reported on it, and it is old news by the time,um, Time has it. Not this time for me!

In Zanesville,Ohio the African Americans residents haven’t had running water since running water was offered to the members of the town in 1956! This is un-fucking believable! My jaw hit the floor. So, the poor residents finally got a good lawyer, and sued! And, of course they won. To the toon of $10.9 Million.

It wasn’t bad enough that they were discriminated against for so long, but the response of the current town leaders is just as bad….Here is some of the response…

The city, the county and the Water Authority, for their part, deny any discrimination and say Coal Run’s lack of water was due to a lack of demand. The neighborhood went without water for so long, they argue, mainly because its residents didn’t go through the correct procedures to request it. According to Mark Landes, a Columbus attorney representing Muskingum County, the only official water requests from Coal Run residents came in the form of a 1973 petition and 2001 public hearing. “No one ever showed up and asked for water,” he says…

What? Other than the 1973 petition and 2001 public hearing? HOLY SHIT! Who would want to go in and ask the KKK members anything??

It wasn’t until a white neighbour was running a hot tub and watering their lawn, that the waterless residents knew that they could have running water…No demand for water??? What fucking country are they living in??????? The USA. Crazy…

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I guess I am on a roll with the McCain bashing…I am glad I am not a politician, as I would probably sound this bad too!! He speaks good. Maybe John McCain’s plan is to just confuse his followers, and maybe mess with those voting machines… 😉