My wedding experience with my Best Man

Here I sit a couple of days after marrying my beautiful bride. The house is quiet. The kids are in bed. My new wife is asleep.

I feel like I have been to the best party of my life the last 5 or 6 days. A party filled with laughter, friendships, kids, music, and family.

Looking back at this last week, I remember the stress of feeling like nothing was ready. That we hadn’t thought through the little details. Then something happened. People started showing up to help! There were so many close friends that gathered around us making our wedding the best it could possibly be. I tried to do my best to thank each of them in my wedding speech I posted on our wedding day, but saying thank you just doesn’t seem to truly convey the gratitude I feel for all they did.  Continue reading “My wedding experience with my Best Man”


Wedding music Poll

Image by Alicakes* via Flickr

My sister and brother in law have been working hard on getting music ready for the wedding. I finally got the music into my laptop and set up the playlist they created.

My music tastes are, shall I say, different than what you hear at ANY wedding. I love bands like Tool, Ween, Bad Brains, Black Flag. My wedding guests would not appreciate if I put all my music on there, and Em and I want our quirky touch in the music selection. How much ‘original’ music should one put in the playlist? I can’t see people out dancing to songs they’ve never heard before! By the same token, the cheesy classics from the 70s and 80s seem to get everyone up and dancing like crazy.

What was a good wedding you have been to that had great tunes?

How a Bridal Shower made for a good Father’s Day

Bachelorette party
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My fiancee Emery went out all day today with her family for her bridal shower. I’m not sure how that differs from a stagette, but she went out to get her nails done for the wedding and then out for dinner with a few people. Maybe the difference between a stagette and a bridal shower is the male strippers? Or the excessive alcohol? I hope she had a great time!

That left me looking after the boys all day. I had our youngest from mid-morning until she ends up coming home later tonight. I then picked up my oldest from his last cub scout camp. But enough about what I did today…

I really enjoyed today! Tomorrow is really Father’s Day, but I got to spend one on one time with my boys and just relax and hang out. That seems to never happen!

Off to go watch a movie and savour the little time I get with my boys. 🙂

OMG! On top of the Postaday2011 Challenge, I need to create my own Wedding site…

Yes, I’m getting married this summer. Fun! Well sort of fun.

To be honest, planning a wedding with a soon to be bride can be well, challenging. lol. I think a bit differently than her about how ready we already are. We have the hall, site for the ceremony, 1/2 the dress paid for, the rings, a pseudo guest list, some people committed to helping out. We’re good right?
Continue reading “OMG! On top of the Postaday2011 Challenge, I need to create my own Wedding site…”