Gandhi was a horrible pedophile racist asshole., I said it. Gandhi, by many written accounts including his own journals; was racist, a pedophile, let his wife die a horrible death, and wrote Hitler to say that the world got him all wrong…Yes, that Gandhi.

Let me start by saying that I am far from perfect. We all are. We all have shitty days, things we wished we could do over, words that we are embarrassed to have said, and even skeletons in our closets we hope don’t see the light of day. Let’s get that part out of the way. Gandhi had shitty days, just like you and me.

Even forgiving those times, Gandhi was a jerk.

Today I stumbled upon a well written article listing out the Top 5 Reasons Gandhi was Actually a Jerk

  1. He was a horrible father and spouse abuser
  2. He was pen pals with Hitler
  3. He sort of had a thing for his underage relatives. . .
  4. …and oh yeah, possibly German-Jewish bodybuilders, too
  5. He kind of didn’t like black people.

I would probably have shortened the list to Top 3 or 4 reasons as I have no issues with Gandhi having a gay love affair with a German bodybuilder in principle. Who cares!? Well, his forever suffering wife, and excommunicated gay oldest son probably would. So there is a larger issue of being a douche bag hypocrite. So, I guess I’ll leave it on for that reason.

Then, being a pen pal to Hitler. On the surface, I think of all the people that become pen pals with Charlie Manson, and other equally messed up criminals. Does that make them jerks? No. But I suppose if you wrote Charlie Manson to say that you completely understand why he killed a bunch of people, and that those victims should be happy to accept their fate, then that probably would make you an asshole. Damn, I’ll keep that on the list too.

It doesn’t surprise me as much as makes me disappointed that popular culture seems to get truth and fantasy mixed up. What next? Don’t tell me Mother Teresa was sort of a jerk too…






Can you separate Christian religion from Jesus? This video has the answer…

I’ve been reading Christopher Hitchen’s book “God is not Great”, and while reading it, I’ve been tweeting some of my favourite quotes from the book. In response to one of my tweets, a person shared their video with me on why you can’t separate Christianity, the religion, from it’s founder Jesus. His main point is that if you follow Jesus as your spiritual leader, you have to accept the rest of the ‘teachings’ of the bible. The good with the bad.

I enjoyed it, and thought I would share it with you…

Spanish bishop condones rape of women if they’ve had an abortion!

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I came across this article through a friend of mine on Facebook. It is a summary of some comments that were made by an Archbishop during his Christmas sermon.

For me it’s no surprise that a male dominated religion would have such a low regard for woman, and promote forcible abuse as a right from god. I think what surprises people is that they don’t see the vile beliefs still being pushed by organized religious groups. Aren’t we in the 21st Century? Continue reading “Spanish bishop condones rape of women if they’ve had an abortion!”

Morality and Religion. A video on why religion is not moral

Here is a video I found over at Friendly Atheist about morality and belief in a morally perfect god. I liked the video and thought I would share. I especially liked the accent of the narrator!

What? The Rapture never came? What happened?

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Today, I was very surprised that the world didn’t come to an end. And, a bit disappointed…Really, can you imagine how cool it would have been if some ghost came out of the sky and annihilated the planet? It would have really sucked for life on the planet, but if there was something that powerful around, I would be in awe! Way more powerful than SupermanContinue reading “What? The Rapture never came? What happened?”

So, the end of the World is coming? Tomorrow you say?

Jesus Coming Soon

Today, I am changing gears a bit. A warning for my one religious reader…It may not be pretty…

The people that believe that the world is going to end on May 21st are FUCKING IDIOTS! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Who joins these groups anyway? I get annoyed by these vocal religions that claim that Jesus is coming. Come on. Really? You believe that? The world is going to end? Continue reading “So, the end of the World is coming? Tomorrow you say?”

The Importance of Learning about the History of the Universe

Time Begins in Our Universe with a Big Bang
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Yesterday I was blown away by a story of a CANADIAN school board near Edmonton that has out-sourced it’s public education onto the Catholic Church. Parents have no option but to enroll their kids in the schools! What the hell? Apparently about 30% of the population there(population of 8000) is Catholic. The views of the 70% of the population that don’t define themselves as Catholics doesn’t seem to matter. Continue reading “The Importance of Learning about the History of the Universe”