Bobby Henderson is a Genius.

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I wrote the other day about a fascinating topic. Geniuses. I really don’t know what makes a genius, or who is correct in defining them, but I know of one person that I think is a genius.

He could have an IQ of 100, and it wouldn’t matter. His name? Bobby Henderson.

He wrote “The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster“, as well as his famous letter to the Kansas School Board. Continue reading “Bobby Henderson is a Genius.”


How Can I Agree and Disagree with the pope at the same time?

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I rarely find myself agreeing with what the pope says(except that he believes in evolution). Him and I don’t see eye to eye on things like ‘god’, silencing child abuse, gay marriage, equal rights, what triggered the Big Bang, etc… But yesterdays article in the Globe and Mail got me agreeing and disagreeing with him all at the same time. Confused? Me too..

The pope has told his priests that before a couple get married they should do some pre-marriage counselling to see if they are ready. I can only imagine what kind of counselling the catholic church does, but the idea is a good one! I think that the pope is worried about the 50% divorce rates… I don’t think he is particularly worried about abusive relationships, women not being treated equally, or same sex marriage

But none the less,  I agree with some generalized counseling about how a healthy relationship should function. Someone OTHER than our parents, because honestly, do we really listen to them for relationship advice? Um, no. How to set up healthy boundaries, how to maintain a monogamous relationship, how to raise kids(where is THAT book when the baby is born!!), and how to keep being an individual while respecting your partner. Relationships are a work in progress. Why aren’t we given some tools at the start to help build a solid base?

However, in the next breath he says that people don’t have an absolute right to marriage. Hold on there! I completely disagree here…While I think it is a good idea for couples to get some guidance about healthy relationships, I don’t think anyone should be denied getting married if both people consent. The church has a horrible history of defining who can get married. My parents weren’t allowed to get married in the church while my mom was pregnant. They had a civil wedding instead. So, pope, keep your religion out of defining who can get married. Gays, lesbians, young, old. Anyone. Everyone has a right to make this decision.Now if he said, no one has an absolute right to get married in a catholic church. Sure. They freak me out, so I’m good with that. But don’t speak about society in general…

What are your beliefs around marriage? Do you agree or disagree with the pope?

No one has absolute right to a wedding, Pope tells Vatican tribunal – The Globe and Mail.

Jesus vs. Jeezus!

Once in a while I find a comic that summarizes all that is wrong with the modern Christian Right. Today I bring you “Jesus vs. Jeezus”. Not only is the comic great, the artist’s comments after are spot on. There has been a hard shift in the political spectrum in the last 15 to 20 years trying to overthrow many rights our parents and grandparents fought hard to get. Women’s rights, legalized abortion, birth control, keeping religion out of the classroom, separation of church and state, etc… Let’s not forget that…

Though I will post the comic for you, please go to the site to read the rest of the comments. Worth your time…

A Small Collection of Images this Week

I have been away for a week or so, and haven’t been keeping up to date on my RSS feeds. In the meantime, here are a few images I have stumbled upon. Enjoy!







Sunday’s Funny Images of the Day(NSFW)

I have accumulated a couple of random  pics over the last few days. Maybe appropriate that I am posting the blasphemous jesus images on Sunday! If you are offended, then just try to un-see them 😉 I’ll be back in about a week to weed through your complaints…






The Pre-Easter Pictures Post!

I have fallen off posting my saved images & comics on Saturdays. Sorry. Sometimes, I get occupied on Saturday, and other times I just don’t want to wait until then to get out new content. With one of my least favourite holidays this weekend( I really can’t stand stupid Easter), I am feeling a bit anti-religious today, so you get them a couple of days early!

I was talking yesterday to one of my friends and we couldn’t remember which day is the important one for the Catholics. Is it the day Jesus died, the day he woke back up, or the day he floated away? Or did they happen all on the same day? The two good things about Easter are chocolate and getting a day off with pay to go mountain biking. Oh, I guess the only other possibly good thing, is that corporations haven’t gone crazy with advertising like they do at Christmas.


I hope I don’t bump into a bunch of church hikers on the mountain this weekend!

Thursday’s Political, Religious, and Tech images!

So, with moving my hosting and blog here, I missed this last weekend’s image updates. Sorry to the 2 dedicated fans of the site. 😉 Here are a few new ones to catch up! Quite a few of them were from a t-shirt site that I can’t locate again. If anyone has the source of the images, drop me a line!