Stephen Harper, Canadian Environmental Groups ARE NOT terrorists! Shame on you.

The Canadian Conservative government is setting itself up to be the most right wing government in Canadian history.
There has been a steady erosion of environmental protections, lack of public consultation, aggressive erosion of rights, blatant racism to exclude First Nations negotiations when their lands are threatened by oil companies and their pipelines, as well as the muzzling of our scientists in the international community. How far right can they go? I don’t want to find out.

We are only one year into their 4 year majority government, and our future is looking scary…

Now, the Environment Minister is suggesting that people outside of Canada that fund Canadian environmental groups are money laundering! WTF? Seriously?

It is OK for foreign ‘investors’ to bring in big money to help extract our natural resources, and the Conservatives are welcoming this foreign money. But the moment people question our poor environmental record and send money to legitimate environmental groups to fight and oppose things like the environmentally crippling tar sands, they are doing something criminal?

What a crock of shit.

Stephen ‘Baby Bush’ Harper, you are an embarrassment to Canada.

“Some charitable environmental groups in Canada are “laundering” funds from offshore donors to obstruct Canada’s environmental assessment process, Environment Minister Peter Kent says.

Kent made the comment Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview on CBC’s Power & Politics when asked by host Evan Solomon to clarify a comment he made earlier on CBC Radio’s The House.

In The House interview that aired Saturday, Kent said the government has been concerned charitable agencies have been used “to launder offshore foreign funds for inappropriate use against Canadian interest.”

via Environmental charities ‘laundering’ foreign funds, Kent says – Politics – CBC News.


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