Using Remember the Milk in your Sales Process

Borstelkoopman op de fiets / A brush salesman ...
Image by Nationaal Archief via Flickr

Successful salesmen and saleswomen all have one thing in common. A process. One that they follow each and every time. Very busy salespeople can get a bit overwhelmed however, and can lose track of important details. Getting every detail down in a trusted system is imperative in sales. I know, as I have been in sales in the banking industry for 10 years.It can get overwhelming when you get 5 or 6 complex files all going at once, each with their nuances, time lines and expectations. Was Mr. Jones the one that wanted the fixed rate over 25 years? Or was that Mr. Samuels? Did I order that appraisal? When? When am I getting it back? Continue reading “Using Remember the Milk in your Sales Process”