Have the January Blues? Here are some Pictures of the Day to cheer you up!

I live in an area that normally has pretty mild weather all year round. For many of you however, you may be stuck inside for a few months due to really cold weather outside. With that bit of knowledge, I have decided to cheer you up with some pictures I have been collecting over the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!







I have lost track of where I found most of the pictures listed, so if someone has a source link, pass it on. 2 of the pictures came from mattbors.com


If you hate poo stories, stop reading now…

Some people have told me that I have a sick sense of humour. I don’t necessarily agree, but when it comes to stories about the bathroom, I just can’t keep from laughing, even if the details are gross…Maybe I am just an immature kid at heart! Or, maybe I have a sick sense of humour, and you do too… Either way, I thought I would share this posted story of some guy that was having a crappy day and was in need of some time on the porcelain throne.

The moral of the story is, don’t answer your cell phone while in a public bathroom…


If you want more content with a twisted side, leave a comment! And, if this is absolutely not funny, tell me too! I promise I won’t post stories about shit again.

OK, I lie…

Iran missile launch and more

The other day Iran launched some test missiles. The majority of the world got concerned…Iran released official photos of the missile launches. Very impressive. Except that they were doctored. There has been many Photoshop experts that have come out of the woodwork to show the following photo is fake.


After a couple of days of controversy about it all, I have finally got the exclusive picture of the real launch…

I jest… got this one from flickr

And lastly, here is a great bathroom picture. Creepy.


[From Back-up LoLs


I just love web sites that play on the success of others and either mock them, or provide great entertainment for the rest of us that aren’t quite as imaginative! Here is a really well designed site that will immediately be familiar to you!I must give credit to my friend Dave who brought it to my attention! It seems a little slow to run, but the demo video is fun to watch! Well done!

[From ijam.es]

Top Seven Flying Spaghetti Monster Pictures

A short post of the 7 best Flying Spaghetti Monster Pictures over at amysteriousmystery.blogspot.com. I just had to post it! Long live the Flying Spaghetti Monster…Raman.

[From a mysterious mystery: Top Seven Flying Spaghetti Monster Pictures]

Have you ever seen those religious nut bars that hold up huge signs telling us that we are going to hell, flyingor that Jesus is our savour. You know the ones. I think almost every city has them.

I always wondered whether the really nutty ones that talk to themselves are actually just evolved to the point where they are having a conversation with another nut bar in a different city! Kind of like the first couple of seconds you see someone talking with one of those bluetooth headsets! Anyway, here is one couple’s answer to the problem of religious crazies and their signs.


Picture from Photobasement.com

That is good shit!!

Faith Fighter

I was over at my friend Peter’s house a while back having a few beers, and he broke out Street Fighter. I can’t remember which character I played, but out of sheer luck and hitting a bunch of buttons really quickly, I won. It was quite exciting!

Well, I have finally found the best version of Street Fighter out there. It is free, can be played inside a browser, and you can also download it if you choose. It is Faith Fighter. You can play as quite a few different deities; God, Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, etc…If you look hard, you may even see the Flying Spaghetti Monster make an appearance!

Give it a go!

Funny as Hell Story

I think I just pissed myself reading this story…I just had to post it for you…Click the photo for a larger version.


This brings back memories of the last time I laughed this hard…Here you go…